Soundmagic P30S Portable Headphone with Micsearch

Soundmagic P30S Portable Headphone with Mic

Soundmagic P30S Portable Headphone with Mic

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I'm in for this one. Good quality and sound, solid bass, best portability and carry case ever.
I'm torn, this seems like a Chinese knockoff of the Beyers. At the same time, it adds an inline mic and detachable cable-- both nice perks at a good price. Looks like it's not going to sell enough this time.
The Beyer DTX501p is a rebranding of the P30.
till yesterday it was open to non US ppl also but today suddenly it's US only. Even last time it was for all countries.
if it only US then no way this drop will be successful.
Massdrop fail :(
Is this US only? Its only showing me shipping to US, there's no international shipping option.
Hi Guys!

Can anyone (from the previous drop) speak about quality of the sound? Quality of the build! Help me out guys!! This might encourage other to buy! I just want make this drop happen :)
The last drop wasn't successful, but most reviews of the P30S are good
Everything seems solid except some complaints about noise from the audio cable connector and some build quality concerns.

I wish more people evaluated in-line mic quality, but it's almost always left untouched.

Anyways, I hope this goes through.
Technical quests:
Play/stop works on iOS and Android? Anyone tested it?
Not mentioned so I suppose there's no external volume control right?
And what about sound quality? Anyone who has had the experience? Is it too "boomy" on the bass?
Thank you
I was curious about the sound quality too. The review linked in the original post has a fair sound quality review:
Only 7 more people needed to make this drop! I hope we hit the target the 2nd time round
There doesn't seem to be much love for the P30S, but it can't be helping that this drop shows up right at the very bottom of the page.
Great news - they are including the best compact case ever for portable headphones. I even fit the Thinksound ON1 into that case. And the DTX501p is the older version of this. This is a good deal anywhere under $100.
Wow, they really are a spitting image of the Beyers! Shame the port is a mini cable instead of in the cup
If it's anything like the Beyerdynamic DTX501p, it should be a winner for just over 40 dollars. Especially with all the accessories. Nice find!
The DTX501 rules as an ultra-portable, and it is simply a rebranded P30 from what I'm told.

Soundmagic sent us a sample of the P30S to listen to, and it ended up really impressing. I was surprised to hear that the P30S hasn't really been introduced to North America, so I asked to see if we could secure a deal on these that would be really attractive to our members.

The P30S sounds different than the P30 predecessor, with a couple marked improvements as mentioned in the copy. Reviews are scarce, but here's a few to pique your interest:

Big wins for me are that they fit big heads and that clamping force is almost nonexistent even with glasses, making this one of the on-ears I'm actually okay wearing for hours without pain. I'm looking forward to reading what you guys think!
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