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What's going on, when is the March 16 order shipping?
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finally sent! :)
Hooray! :D
Anyone knows how these compare to the Mee Pinnacle PX, Brainwavz B100 and other IEMs? Curious if it is worth its discounted 30USD compared to the newer competition.
I have the Pinnacle PX. Overall they are better for sure. They give you more immersion (except for acoustic small scale recordings - see below), more detail, and an impressive sound-stage.
However, if you want something that doesn't grab your attention so much, and is a bit easier on the ear, smaller and very easy to insert, these could be nice.
Furthermore, the mids here are very good, quite forward and perhaps more appealing to some than the PX mids which are very detailed but sit somewhat in the back of the mix.
The PL50 is mid-centric.
The PX has plenty of things to offer, forward-mids not being one of them.
Another past PL50 owner here, around 2010 when they first came out. Not going to cover much new here - brief review as I remember these.
Tiny flat, light iems, comfortable, and in my ears, stays good in place. Very good indeed for listening hours in bed. Paired with comply t-100 foams, without hooks = super comfortable. Sony hybrids also works well. They do deserve better ear tips from the included ones. Soundwise, they did too sound to me dull and 'meh', I couldn't agree much of the description. But I cannot rule out perhaps these didn't mixed well together with my slight cold sourced Cowon DAPs, and they need a warmer or right source to shine. Even eq'ed, I personally never ended up loved the sound of these. Build quality - you likely to find better. I did experience back then the shells to suddenly open and separate, but they can be glued back together. The cable however lasted me surprising a good while and abuse, before it eventually failed, and my pair end scrapped as sleeping plugs. I would buy these mainly for their ability to provide great comfort. Small ears would definitely love'em too.
How much does it cost the send to Mexico?
Click "Join drop", add your address, check it by yourself.
Got them long time ago, initially got very dissapointed because they sounded dull, kinda "canned", and lacked extension on both ends from my cheap DAC/amp (Hifime Sabre 9018). I was used to a bright bassy sound, coming from ATH-M50x. After lying around in a drawer for a few months, and me getting used to a much more balanced sound (HD6XX), I decided to give them a second try listening from my smartphone. For my surprise, those things surprised me in a great way with, and now I use them as my daily night buds.

They're super flat, very light and tiny, you barely notice you wear them. You can lie on your side in bed/couch without major issues (I've owned 20-30 IEMs, those are the smallest, and the only ones with whom I can lie on my side). I discovered they sound dull when plugged to higher output impedance amps (like my Sabre 9018 or laptop's headphone out) due to their impedance curve, but when using low impedance sources (smartphone, for instance) they sound really well balanced and have decent extension, a nice natural and relaxed sound. They're great for watching series/movies because mids are very well presented, so dialogs are crystal clear, not like some V-shaped headphones that sound great with EDM/hip-hop music but voices sound distant and artificial.

Overall, they're good, worth the money (if you know what you're buying and you have a proper source for them). On the negative side, the included foam tips are complete trash and even removing them can be troublesome, I suggest buying some Comply (T-100 are supposed to fit well) or use silicone tips (seal with silicone can be challenging due to their shape, YMMV).
Thanks for making the time to write a review with this detail. I have a purpose for these that I would not had thought about addressing via this route otherwise.
I urge everyone not to buy these. Go on AliExpress and buy some brand new 2018 multiple/hybrid driver IEMs for half the price.
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The PL50 are great if you know what you're getting: a balanced sounding IEMs that needs low impedance sources to sound good. If you plug these to some motherboards with somewhat high output impedance (15-20 ohm) they'll sound dull and lack extension, if you expect a v-shaped sound with deep bass and bright treble you'll be dissapointed. They're not "the best IEMs" because there's no "best IEMs", everyone's tastes are different. Initially I disliked them so much but now I love them, read my mini-review above if you wanna know my opinion.
First of all, hybrids aren't better than dynamics-only, it's just a different technology with some pros and cons. Second, as a budget chi-fi IEM fan who has owned 20-30 different renowned models, I'll list you a few models that I liked the most:
- bass-focused: Rock Zircon.
- v-shaped sound: KZ ZS5 v1 (with foam tips), Memt X5, Tennmak Dulcimer, TFZ Exclusive 5 (expensive!).
- balanced sound: SoundMAGIC PL50, Tin Audio T515, Tin Audio T2, KZ ATR.
- treble-focused: Seahf AWK-009, Boarseman KR25D.

Best price performance, probably goes for the ATR if you like a balanced sound or Memt X5 for a v-shaped sound. Rock Zircon are also great, but the bass is a bit overemphatised and they lack some highs and specially mids (for my taste), so they're not good "all-rounders" like other models and only sound good with some bassy genres. KZ ZS5 v1 is almost impossible to find right now, since the model being sold now is the v2, a real treble cannon that will pierce your ears for sure. But if you can find a 2nd hand KZ ZS5 v1, and plug some memory foam tips, they have an absurd price-performance ratio, real flagship killers. If you can afford them, TFZ Exclusive 5 are a step above the rest and have THE BEST bass I've ever heard while mids are still present and treble is bright & detailed but not sibilant, also build quality and comfort are 10/10.
Super excited by this drop.
I was just looking for a pair of these the other day, but couldn't find them, and assumed that they had been discontinued. My Son (literally) ate one of the earphones on my original set when he was younger. Chewed it right off.
I replaced them with PL30's. Been meaning to get some PL50's ever since because I loved them so much.
Didn't buy it on Massdrop. I have mine since years but I love them - very comfortable (during excercises, gym, running, bike) once well set in the ears (remember having some difficulties when trying to install them right in the ear at first but got used to it). I don't know what the price was on Massdrop but if I remember right I got mine for 60 USD-ish. Quality of sound - for the price - good. If you are active, do excercise - even the best crystal-clear-sound earphones will be a waste IMHO as you won't get much out of them when sweating your ... in the gym. So PL50's are good compromise. Surely upgrade if you are using some cheap stock earbuds. Stock foams are ok - I believe examples below are just separate cases, I've seen nothing like that with mines. Now using Comply foams and they do what they suppose to. Cable is strong and durable - never had an issue with.
Pros: Sound quality - definition, clarity throughout all ranges, separation of instruments - is absolutely great and as expected.

Cons: The provided tips are absolute trash, which will make getting the fit you need for sound quality either a dice roll, or something you have to figure out on your own at extra cost. The foam tips ones that are pre-installed were damaged on arrival before removal from the package (great QC there, see image).
The rubber liner for the rest of the foam tips was dry rotted out of the package and falling apart, which is both gross and generally unacceptable. Not one of the silicone tips fits my ears at all. I ordered two pairs of these, both arrived with the tips in various status of being unusably damaged, despite the packages being sealed and in good shape. This is a quality control issue, plain and simple.

Like, look: I'm just going to put Complys on these and call it a day, but FFS I shouldn't have to.
This adds to last comment. I checked further and now find the left channel fails intermittently. These are total garbage!
Total crap. Fell apart right out of the package!!! A 100% waste of money. So many complaints and yet MASSDROP has taken no action---very disappointing! These are defective out of the package and should not be offered for sale.
I bought these and it said they'll ship in a month. I use some Phillips ear buds now and I got these because I just wanted some that are better than average. I'm not really an audiophile. Are they at least good? I've seen a lot of negative reviews. Thanks.
they are bad.