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SouthOrd Jackknife Lockpick Set

SouthOrd Jackknife Lockpick Set


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Why no twist in the tension wrench?
This is a nice toy for the key chain to impress someone, but (as I own one for nearly 20 years now) I would not even try to open a lock with it (exept a diskette storage box), because of the very poor pick selection. Better get this one for the same money:
Anyone having shipping issues in Canada?
Literally same price and with a free practice lock. Also so you dont have to wait a month
Thank you. Sometimes I think Massdrop or any of these companies think we're stupid and do not check their product and see if we are actually saving money or check other website's price. Had enough of Massdrop's shenanigans.
Obviously we are here because we don't like money or quick shipping
Did anyone mention that carrying one in many US locales is illegal, and could mean jail, forefeiture of assets, fines, and/or legal costs?
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I'm sure you don't even know what half of what you just said means.
10 bucks on GearBest...

That's discontinued, so you can't buy it.
That's true but i wrote that 13 weeks ago....
Also if you want to find a cheaper offer on products like these, you'll alway find them on one of these asian amazon clone sites.
Easy access. Right on your key ring.
Does it fit with European (German) locks?
what does the key look like? is there a picture of a blank on the interwebz?
Anyone know a source (or dimensions) for the thumbscrew? Redoing my keychain, and to my dismay, noticed a little hole where the thumbscrew once was.
i keep a few of these on hand at all times, for a back up or in a bind pick it does the job well.
I bought this as it seems like a great little set. However I'm quite nervous about having this as an EDC item. Should I for some reason invoke the ire of the cops and they search me, I'm afraid this little tool could send me to jail. Maybe I'm just paranoid. I'll probably just leave it in the glove-box of the car should I need it in a lockout.
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It's near the bottom of that page.

Possession of break-in instrument
351 (1) Every one who, without lawful excuse, the proof of which lies on them, has in their possession any instrument suitable for the purpose of breaking into any place, motor vehicle, vault or safe under circumstances that give rise to a reasonable inference that the instrument has been used or is or was intended to be used for such a purpose,
  • (a) is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years; or
  • (b) is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.

So as long as you're not in circumstances that would lead the police to believe you were illegally breaking into any of those places, then it's fine to call them whatever you want. You can even break into those places so long as you had a lawful excuse. The "lawful excuse" part is probably because the entire locksmith industry would be illegal otherwise.
I stand correct