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Space Alert Bundle

Space Alert Bundle

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Survive Space

Join a Team, take on space, and survive in this fast paced game from Czech Games. Space Alert is a high velocity cooperative board game where players work together on a team and defend their ship against enemies. The pace of the game is set to a 10 minute soundtrack on an included CD containing 16 different tracks (or by scenario cards, if a CD player is unavailable). This bundle includes the core game and The New Frontier Expansion.

Space Alert Bundle


The main goal is to keep the ship together for ten real time minutes. The crew has a number of defenses they can utilize in the event of an attack. The ship’s computer calls out what is happening on the ship. At the start of a game, players are assigned specialty roles that have their own mechanics and roles to attend to for the success of the ship. The game comes complete with tutorial missions to get you familiar with the gameplay, and playing through them is highly recommended. Space Alert comes with a free phone app called the Space Alert Mission Generator to assist you in completing missions.

Space Alert Official Rules (PDF)

The New Frontier Official Rules (PDF)

Space Alert Bundle
Space Alert Bundle
Space Alert Bundle

The New Frontier

The New Frontier expansion adds 48 new threat cards, 96 action cards, and 20 special action cards as well as a new character experience system. These new threats are much more difficult to counteract and the new action cards are needed to complete missions successfully. Cards can be used alone or in combination with the original game for added variety to seasoned space veterans. 

Space Alert Bundle
Space Alert Bundle

Team HyperCube Playthrough


  • Players: 1 - 5
  • Playing time: 30 minutes
  • Recommended for ages 13 and up


  • 1 Spaceship Board
  • 10 Action Boards in 5 colors
  • 7 Trajectory Boards
  • 1 Mission Steps Board
  • 10 plastic figures
  • 55+ blocks in 6 colors
  • 1 blue and 3 green cylinders
  • 90 Action Cards
  • 6 Heroic Action Cards
  • 55 Threat Cards
  • 18 damage tiles
  • 26 internal threat tokens
  • 16 numbered tokens
  • 1 CD with 16 soundtracks
  • 1 ship’s log
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 "How to Become a Space Explorer"
  • 48 threat cards
  • 16 oval internal threat tokens
  • 12 special trajectory tokens
  • 3 ring-shaped counters
  • 90 action cards
  • 1 CD with new missions
  • a second set of trajectory tokens
  • 20 special action cards
  • 2 teleport tokens
  • tablet of explorer’s log sheets
  • achievements sheet
  • 7 badges
Space Alert Bundle


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