The Finest Materials
Whether it's a get together or a party for one, we've got just what you need to start off a great night. Sleek, polished, and finished in aircraft grade titanium, the small, four-piece, Space Case Titanium Grinder is the only real option for grinding herbs.
More Efficient Grinding
Its titanium hard-anodized finish provides a build that will last a lifetime and its razor sharp diamond cut teeth grind even the stickiest of materials. This Space Case grinder is made up of four separate pieces that work together to maximize the surface area of your herb, allowing it to be used more efficiently.
The lid fits onto the grinder with the assistance of neodymium magnets, which keep the lid firmly in place, but also allow for maximum grinding movement. Space Case also uses a special nylon gasket around the edge to assure a smooth motion without metal-to-metal contact.
The Industry Standard
Large holes in the second piece allow ground herbs to fall through without clogging, while the third piece allows only the finest particles through its stainless steel mesh. It’s time to experience why Space Case is the industry standard for grinders and the key element for any vaporizer.
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