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Mine. Now I need to wait for SA Carbon to finish set
Just got mine. Looks amazing! Type 1 - Orange
Up close.
Received shipping notification - 2 full days earlier than advertised. Looking forward to adding this to my board!
thats fucking nuclear
Wow all the colors are gone but one?
so... is this one gonna get messed up like the last time this dropped? really hesitant to join here.
Can I assume that the shipment happen earlier if the cap of 200 will be reached earlier? I really would be glad if it could reach me before 22 March…
Does anyone use on of the reactor Pulse keycaps together with Godspeed custom keycaps and could tell if the colours go along with each other? (I guess they don't fit because of Pulse being too dark, but who knows. :))
Looks like this is going to fit in nicely with the PuLSE SA drop that is coming soon
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Had no idea! I thought for sure Godspeed SA would be the next SA set we see at massdrop
Damn I can't wait!
Massdrop, kindly reminder that we live in world bigger than US and there are cities and people with non ASCII names.
Sold out so quickly :(
Blue already out of stock? :(
Does this really ship in March?
They said it was stock they found in their warehouse so I can believe that.
wow how sick would those orange ones look with an SA Carbon set???
I'm expecting my carbon set to ship for my ergodox late March. This was a nice bonus to match lol.