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FYI, I just received my Wing Commander from a recent drop and it was shipped with an OEM box and certificate of origin.
Nice looking watch, but for the price I'd rather buy a speedy
Completely different watches for different purposes. No reason one couldn’t have both (if money werent an issue).
However now that I look at it Chrono24 has Speake-Marin Mark II 10028TT for $3,195
Good catch! You're a better searcher than I am. :-) I didn't enter the term "mark"; I used "Spirit" so that one didn't show up.
I actually was commenting on the Oris Divers Sixty-Five Automatic Watch which is not such a great deal. I clicked the wrong one.
No takers?
I think the reason no one's picked one of these up yet has more to do with poor timing. A drop for the very similar PSM Spirit Wing Commander just ended a few days ago, and sold 11 or 12 pieces. I suspect they may have been able to unload a few more of those, but certain color combinations sold out early.
Really not a great deal.
It’s actually a steal at this price. This is a $9K watch being offered at 1/3 the price. On Chrono24, a reseller/consignment shop has one on sale for $4K. There’s another pre-worn one available for $4500.

i understand if you’re unfamiliar with the brand. But from a value perspective, this drop is hard to beat, even if the price is high in comparison to other watches that have been sold here before.
Anyone that's a watch connoisseur would be very familiar with Speake-Marin. This brand is right on par with brands like Czapek and Ulysse Nardin. It's definitely a brand that's considered Haute Horlogerie.
They want how much for this ugly watch? Good luck with this one massdrop lol
is the basic Mark II with the black strap...or the brown with white stitching?
I think this is the one with the black strap, which is too bad. I prefer the brown one. But a strap is a pretty inexpensive swap if you really like the watch.
Does it come with paperwork?
Yes, my Seafire did.
I really dislike Roman Numerals
I'm looking for a watch just like this, hmmmm. I like the black on black myself
Power Reserve of 120 hours. I like that.
At first glance it might seem as if it's the most expensive drop in Massdrop's history, but then you can add another $2k to put that icing on the cake. :D
Sure but the Resilience is a watch that retailed for $13k. Of course, you can get them cheaper now, but this is the lowest price I've seen.