Spektrum DX6R Surface 6 Channel Radiosearch

Spektrum DX6R Surface 6 Channel Radio

Spektrum DX6R Surface 6 Channel Radio

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Full Color Touch-Screen Control

This six-channel surface radio from Spektrum offers next-generation control of your RC car. In addition to an adjustable steering wheel, it features a full color touch-panel display running Android software, which provides smartphone-style control of your vehicle. This also allows racers to keep track of their lap times using real-time telemetry data, all while listening to MP3s or streaming videos on Youtube. The DX6R offers a 250-model memory, and allows up to three drive modes per model.

Spektrum DX6R Surface 6 Channel Radio
Spektrum DX6R Surface 6 Channel Radio
Spektrum DX6R Surface 6 Channel Radio


  • Intuitive, full-color, Android-powered touch screen
  • WiFi connectivity for firmware updates and apps
  • Built-In Telemetry
  • Bluetooth model transfer for use with other DX6Rs
  • Wireless link for compatible FPV headsets
  • 5.5-millisecond frame rate with compatible receivers
  • Superb ergonomics you can customize
  • Voice alerts over speaker or through headphones
  • 250-model memory
  • AVC® programming for compatible receivers
  • SR6000T and SR2000 receivers included
  • Long-lasting Li-Ion battery with charging base
  • EN328 compatible


  • Number of channels: 6
  • Modulation: DSMR
  • Band: 2.4GHz
  • Receiver: SR6000T and SR2000 included
  • Model memory: 250
  • Transmitter (Tx)
  • Battery type: Li-Ion


  • Massdrop 1-Year Limited Warranty


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