Spier & Mackay Suits – Massdrop Exclusivesearch

Spier & Mackay Suits – Massdrop Exclusive

Spier & Mackay Suits – Massdrop Exclusive

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Hi everyone! Quick update on this drop. Because the overwhelming response from the community (over 100 suits sold!) shipping is taking just a bit longer than anticipated (about a week). We're receiving the goods this week and will ship out later in the week / early next. Thanks everyone for your patience and look forward to receiving your suits! :)
Joined the drop the Minute I got the email and then they cancelled my order saying it was back ordered. I got a $20 credit from Massdrop but pretty disappointed they would sell something they can’t even source.
Will there be restocking any time soon?
Can you compare the medium gray and charcoal colors? Are they similar or noticeably different? Also, what color are the buttons on both options?
The medium gray is a standard medium gray. Not too light. Not too dark. The charcoal is just a few shades off from black.

Both come with dark brown horn buttons.
I wear a 38S in theory and it gives that super fitted look - borderline too small. What size do you recommend I get if I want a similar tight/fitted look?
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can it be exchanged for a 38r if its too small?
No exchanges, as the official rep stated downthread.
Would appreciate sizing help.

Size 40S in SuitSupply's Siena fit
Roughly the same size.
Is it me, or is it crazy to buy a suit without trying it on first?
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I have been known to do that, for sure. I think it's a more thoughtful and useful response now.

With a suit, it's not simply a matter of learning sizing. There are areas where imperfect drape are really obvious- the area between the shoulder blades, and at the top of the arms at the tips of the shoulders spring to mind. These also happen to be areas that are hard to notice if you're looking at yourself in a mirror.

At the very least, an off the shelf suit should be taken to a seamstress to have minor alterations done after purchase.
Is it possible to have the pants be a smaller fit relative to the jacket?

For example, I need a slim fit 38 jacket, but a 34/36 for the pants.
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That’s kind of an entirely separate point.
Yep. This buy is for someone who knows what size they need. Not for experimentation.
Is shipping to Mexico available?
How dark is the navy suit? I know some navys can border on black and some can look very blue. Sometimes the pictures may not reflect the true apparent color, could you clarify on what type of blue/navy these suits are?

Also are these sharkskin weave?

These are distinctively blue and not a midnight navy.

These are a plain twill weave. Not a sharkskin.

These are workhorse, staple suits.
Thanks! Was gonna order a navy in 36S but looks like it sold out. Bummer.