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Spyderco Carbon Fiber Dog Tag Folder

Spyderco Carbon Fiber Dog Tag Folder

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Update 9/7 6pm PT

Hi all -
Some members of this drop brought to our attention that they received the incorrect knife (they received a titanium model instead of the carbon fiber model). We’ve just been in contact with the distributor who sent out these orders, and want to apologize for the mistake.
We’ll hear back in the next day or two if we will be able to replace this with the proper unit in a reasonable amount of time via the distributor. If you received the wrong item and are interested in a refund or replacement please reach out to support (if you have not already) via the transactions page so we can make it right for you:
Sorry again for the issue, and thanks for your patience as we work to resolve it. Thanks,
Brad (Massdrop Communities)

Hey everyone - I was just made aware of the issue with this drop. I'm following up with the team internally and will get back to you today via email and an update here with what happened and what we're doing about it. Sorry for the issue and the horrible experience in getting the wrong product. Expect an email from us later today. (11/7 PT)
Just a reminder... This is available on Amazon for the same price and is on stock and had prime shipping.
to those who have it... is it worth it?
just wanna know the truth before joining this drop... does this really ship to the philippines?
It say no shipping outside the USA but it will let me purchase it and says ”Ships to the UK” which is correct?
The drop can be shipped internationally as well - This was a typo.
Thanks for pointing it out!
I can get this on Amazon tomorrow with prime shipping! Whats the deal Mass Drop?
Exact same price on Amazon (sold and fulfilled by Amazon) with Prime shipping..

Link: http://a.co/7L66WEu
I dont get this site anymore. Massdrop means the lowest price new anywhere.
Had 2 of the carbon fibres and lost 1 of them :( I buy another but they're pricey.
It has been a month since I have returned this incorrect item and have yet to receive a refund! NEVER USING MASSDROP AGAIN!
WTF Massdrop? I also got a "metal" Dog Tag Folder rather than the advertised G10/CF handle.
They definitely F'd it all up, AND the Black Ti Dog Tag Folder retail is $129 vs $85 retail for the CF handled one! I will be returning this!
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Hey all - I just saw that this happened. I'm following up internally to figure out what happened and let you all know what we're doing about it. Sorry for the mistake and horrible experience. Expect an email from us later today.
Thank you hopefully i get a email back soon from support and hopefully this gets taken care of in some way
Same here got a metal one instead of the carbon fiber..
Add me to the list of people who didn't receive a carbon fiber but instead the all black version. Very disappointed, this is the first time I have had real trouble with massdrop.
Just filed a claim with massdrop a few minutes ago

This drop was for sku # C188CFBBKP with a carbon fiber & g10 handle

They shipped sku # C188ALTIBBKP which has a titanium handle

My fourth purchase on massdrop, and first "bait & switch" ... might be my last purchase.

I don't like being sold one item, and delivered a different item.
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FYI: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/spyderco-carbon-fiber-dog-tag-folder/talk/1872918
Thank you and hope it gets resolved
Just a heads up that knife center is offering the titanium for $49 in case anyone is particular to it over cf.
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I received a black DLC version. Truly disappointed in Massdrop for false advertising.
I filed a claim with massdrop about their false advertising and mislabeling of their drop