Spyderco Ceramic File Set w/ Leather Carrying Casesearch

Spyderco Ceramic File Set w/ Leather Carrying Case

Spyderco Ceramic File Set w/ Leather Carrying Case

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Save about 50 cents over Amazon with 2 day shipping, if we get enough sales here? Ugh.
Didn't know this set existed though, so thanks for that I guess.

Just wish they would've put the fish hook / awl groove in any other location than in the middle of the teardrop shape
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Fair enough. It's the tradeoff you have to decide with yourself when it come to Massdrop sometimes. Is slightly cheaper and a longer wait worth supporting the company that did the research to find the product in the first place? Sometimes it is and sometimes when I am in a rush or impatient it isn't.
Oh, I know. And I'm usually less critical on the lower price items, where a few bucks can still be a 10-15% discount

But when I mistakenly thought it was less then 50 cents......lol well, i wanted to share my comment about the groove on the teardrop shape, but couldn't go without bringing up the price at the same time
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