Exclusive: Spyderco Delica G-10/ZDP-189 "Blackout"search

Exclusive: Spyderco Delica G-10/ZDP-189 "Blackout"

Exclusive: Spyderco Delica G-10/ZDP-189 "Blackout"

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Is this still available?
This was never available because we didn't get a big enough group, but we're hoping to get another Spyderco sprint run going sometime this year.
Hey everyone,

We're bummed this didn't work out for the 200+ people who did place orders. Needless to say, the pricing error at launched is partly to blame for the lack of momentum that would have carried us through to the number needed for a production run to be feasible.

As a few members noted, it's never possible for Spyderco to make a sprint run of less than 600 units; while Massdrop would have been able to purchase the difference and sell them in future drops, we didn't see strong enough interest to justify purchasing and holding that additional inventory, given the community's initial reaction.

So, while we're disappointed this didn't work out, we did learn a lot - and it's definitely not going to prevent us from offering other Spyderco exclusives in the future. If anything, I think it may lead to getting input from the community and communicating up front about pricing to make sure that we're moving forward on projects that everyone will be stoked about.

I do want to give a big shout out to Spyderco. While it's true that an accounting error contributed to this drop failing to reach the threshold, it was only because we launched this product on a relatively short timeline that the error affected us. Moreover, they were quick to respond with a correction and apology. It is unusual for them to sign off on models being offered for pre-sale when production has not even started. They were willing to do this because you all have made Massdrop a vibrant, unique community that offers unique marketing opportunities and valuable feedback, and also because we have the infrastructure to support discussion and updates during the long production and delivery process.
I also want to give some big thanks to everyone who participated in the discussion, regardless of whether or not you joined the drop - you provided incredibly valuable feedback that will drive future collaborations with Spyderco...yes, there will be more changes for Massdrop-exclusive sprint runs - and I expect we'll be asking for some community input on those to make sure that everyone's as excited about them as we are.

While we're working on that, we'll try to get an order in for Para 3's, but allocations will be VERY limited so please do not expect them soon or in large quantities. We can also try to setup a new Blue Box, which have been very popular, and we'll continue to run drops for other models whenever we can get enough stock and make compelling offers that are in line with Spyderco's MAP policy.

Y'all make this possible. Thank you. We'll come back to you with even more and better offers in 2017. Spydey Santa may not be able to get any more knives into your stocking before Christmas, but we checked in with the big guy and our whole Massdrop community is on the Nice list again this year, so you can expect more good things to come. -- Jonas
I just could not justify paying that much for a spyderco that is that much and foreign made when the para3 is due.
Lame. I wanted this knife bad. Make it up to us by doing a spyderco pm2 limited edition
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fine by me. I buy every dealer exclusive/Sprint run of the pm2 no matter what they cost. But no dealer exclusive would cost $275, unless it was made of insane materials that I'm not aware exist.
I'm just kidding. I'm new to this whole edc knife thing.
Wonder if these 20+ requestors requesting a re-drop of this knife are all expecting a reduced price in the new drop (if that ever at all happens). If not, why did they not join the drop before the deadline when it was just 15 shy of the threshold?
Wonder if next time massdrop can give out like a $25 gift card to offset the MAP requirement. Agree very disappointing drop with all the hype that was around it.
Very disappointing...massdrop is not making customers happy...
I am quite bummed, extensions or not, getting the price figured out BEFORE publishing it, then getting called out for it, ignored the first one then you attempted to fix it on the second extensio, I understand both sides, retail and consumer sides but the damage was done

maybe next time Masssrop and Spyderco you might get right from the start and I can get another blade for my collection
Well it looks like it's going to fail....unless there will be another extension. I really hope massdrop does not give up on exclusives for knives. its really awesome that they can do this. So despite this one not working out I hope massdrop doesn't get discouraged. The knife really was awesome. I just think price was just a little more than wools were expecting/hoping for. Couple that with the fact that the holidays are here and people budgets may not be as large as they typically could be. So the price becomes even more important. I also hope massdrop can do another venture with spyderco...just maybe not on a knife that is sort of a budget knife.
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Haha, yes. That was a typo. Fixed.
I would have to agree with PNWNative I didn't get the sense that anyone didn't really like the knife. There were maybe just a couple people who didn't love the etching, but hey, you can't please everyone. I think the whole problem with the drop was the price that spyderco thought they could get.
lol not gonna make it
As soon as I saw the para 3 was being release my attention faded on the delica
I wonder if some people will cancel to order the paramilitary that started today.
I'm afraid we won't reach the 250.
If we don't, I guess the lesson would be for Spyderco to be a little more flexible with their prices.
true that!