Spyderco VG-10 Firefly Folding Knifesearch

Spyderco VG-10 Firefly Folding Knife

Spyderco VG-10 Firefly Folding Knife

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If it had a fancy steel, I could be tempted...

What I'm really interested in, is the pen, whats the pen?

I dig this knife, but it's not a good value to me. You can get so much knife at this price point these days. I wish it had a premium steel. It would be so much easier to justify the cost.
Same price, no wait, from bladehq

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Good catch but it's sold out now. It's sold out pretty much everywhere now. If you've been waiting, it's probably time to act. It still seems expensive for materials to me, but For whatever reason, seki Spydercos in g10 are always super expensive. This is only about $10 more than a g10/vg10 dragonfly.
Bladehq should send me a commission check! ;)
Before it was discontinued the price on this one was around $175 or more in a lot of places.

I'm not saying that makes $130 a cheap price or even a good deal. Personally though, I wanted this knife from the moment it came out but the price was way too high. For someone like me who had eyes on this knife and couldn't afford it before, the $130 price point, though still not cheap, makes getting this model possible.

Now hopefully it doesn't suck hahaha.
Spyderco must be tripping some major ballsack if they think that this knife worth as listed at $359.95 on g10, steel liners, and under 3 inches of VG10 with just a little dab of carbon fiber. At $130.00 this is about what it is worth, sorry to say, Massdrop.
Ha... was just thinking the same. A sub-3" VG10 knife ain't worth much over $100. I don't care who designed it or if it has a couple square inches of cf
OK...now the photo of the item shipped is the knife WITH the storage case? I gotta know!
Who let Benchmade set the MSRP on this guy?
I’m really on the fence on this one. I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth the price point conpared to what you can get in the competition. I’ll likely watch a couple YouTube reviews before making my final decision. For those of you who miss it or may want to grab it later, here’s a close price point with free shipping:

No pouch with this one...
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I canceled my order and am done with MassDrop. Too many items of crap quality and not much of a price savings.
The culprit here is Spyderco, with their pricing constraints put on resellers. None of Massdrop's fault.
I guess I'm not seeing the value in this one either, can anyone enlighten me?

Aside from the fact that there's no option this time for lowering the cost by dropping the carry case....
I paid less then this for the yojimbo 2 here. Larger blade, more expensive blade material (CPM-S30V), also g10 scales.
Only thing I see to up the price here is a small bit of CF, but not even enough of that to make up the difference in blade material costs?
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Hmm well, there is a decent discussion on it to be found here.
Lol great, just what I needed, a whole thread full of enablers hahaha

Funny, one thing I find in googling is some people complaining about the same thing you're praising. That the polish makes it a little too slippery for handling a small knife. Different strokes, right? :)
Anyway, I think I'm going to take a pass, but it's been fun talking about what goes into these things beyond just raw materials
Same exact price at Knife Center and BladeHQ and lower at Amazon.
$159.00 at Amazon, No Case.
I love this design and execution- got to play with one at SHOT show. And Pete Carey is a awesome dude. I'd be in one this drop, but I just scored one of his customs ( #humblebrag ) - but seriously, it's a nice knife for the price.