Spyderco Manix 2 Lightweight Black Bladesearch

Spyderco Manix 2 Lightweight Black Blade

Spyderco Manix 2 Lightweight Black Blade

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if this was the g10 version with the flat grind, satin finish, with the regular pocket clip, i would be on it. also, the knife needs to be at least $10 cheaper than regular online retail stores.
+1 would buy S110V G10 version of this knife
Even though BD1 isnt a bad choice, I think this drop would have been more popular if it were the S110V version offered at a good deal compared to normal selling price online. The allure to buy on Massdrop just isn't there when you can buy the same thing for the same price, or cheaper, from the many great online retailers who have great track records for good customer service.

To really kick it up a notch, how about working out a Sprint run from Spyderco on a popular model in a different blade steel option?
Massdrop, how about featuring fewer blackwash blades and tools?!
This version at cutlery shoppe $78.......
Not worth it
Thanks for bringing that to our attention Agtx. We were able to work out a new deal with the vendor and negotiated a lowest drop point price of $72.99.
couple of dollars isnt really worth it. not even cheaper than retail for NJ
Blue handled satin finish is $74.99 on cutleryshoppe.com
They also have the S30V with black G10 version for $86.85 + shipping. Good find!
Great news - we were able to work out a 4th drop point with the vendor to offer this knife for $79.99 if 35 people join. Spread the word!
To big and locks, would really love a drop on one of the uk/international legal( under 3 inch and slip joint) spyderco knives.
We are working on a drop for a new slip joint knife, keep an eye out for it in the coming weeks.
When are they gonna drop the matriarch or the s-blade civilian g-10

The best way to show us what you guys want is to create a poll, but I will also look into this.
I made a poll shortly after asking, hopefully some people vote for it. Its a specific kind of knife i dont think many people would be interested in
Disappointing that this drop offers such CTS BD1 steel, if it had S30V That would had being better. What you are paying for here is the nice black blade, but still not worth that much in my book Its priced to close to a non black version with much better steel to change my mind..
You could be a bit more precise in your description--I have a translucent blue FRCP Manix 2, and there's no way the handle is three ounces. The weight of the thing in total is three ounces. That handle is very light, but it's also quite sturdy. I wouldn't try to baton the lightweight Manix 2, but it's a very good, easy to carry knife, and it'd make a fine, large EDC knife for those folks who like or need to carry something with a larger blade. As for the steel, I've not had any problems with the CTS-BD1. And regarding its edge-holding characteristics, if I were to discover the BD1 to be losing the edge too quickly for my taste, I'd re-profile the edge towards a more acute angle, but I don't hard-carry this knife, so I haven't discovered any problems with the edge with my intermittent use. It's just a little big to carry into my workplace. As for this drop, I probably won't join-- I already have two versions of the Manix 2, the FRN and the G10. I like both, but I find that I do prefer the lightweight one. Still, that all-black styling is pretty compelling. Oy. Well, I gotta week to decide.

Oops--one addendum: My Manix 2 FRCP is a couple years old, so the steel might be S30V--it's at my other place right now, so I cannot check it. Just sayin'.
Its a very handsome knife. Clean look, but the steel... :(
Just in case you can get the delica 4 or the bigger version the endura (both in vg 10 manufactured in Japan if I am correct) for 60 and the manix 2 with sv30 for around 80ish
How will this compare to the Blur?
Depends there's like a million blurs. The blur just dropped was s30v which is much better than this steel based on what was said above.
Thanks Tyler!