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Spyderco Puukko Fixed Blade Knife

Spyderco Puukko Fixed Blade Knife

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This hole in the blade is not only totally unneccesary but annoying, as it is quite small and will attract nearly anything you cut with the knife.

This knife is (imho) just for collecting purposes. There are plenty of puukko knives on the market suited for daily use. Better buy a different one, or carry a bag of pipe cleaners with you if you use it... ;)
I have this knife. The blade chipped cleaning its first trout. Pretty to look at but not a work blade.
would this knife be good for whittling?
Another disappointment MD, knife is on BHQ for same price with FREE shipping & NO waiting. I used to order myriad of items from MassDrop, but now it’s not even worth it. Sad.
Just a heads up this knife is being discontinued so there is a chance that you won't actually get one.
Wow! Good looking knife. Pictures do it no justice. Really taken back with it inhand. Both asthetically pleasing and fits well in the hand. The leather sheath is excellent, too. Might be my new favorite knife.
great knife, but again, another non-deal.
same price, free shipping , no waiting: http://www.bladehq.com/item--Spyderco-Puukko-Sand-G-10-Fixed--14987
What a strange looking knife...
Not if you are from Finland:

I realy hope Masdrop will launch it again in a month or so... I kinda spent all my knife money for now... Even though I can't get it directly, overseas, I am willing to pay additional cost for some forwarding company if you awesome Massdrop guys relaunch it with them same price point, or lower :P
Irrespective of price, this is the most perfect knife I ever had. Perfectly balanced, a joy to hold and use, excellent and SHARP blade. Spyderco has the same knife in a folder alternative, and it is also perfect. I have uploaded a demo of tho
se two knives on YouTube >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NemfvJ8pJZU.

I wish that the drop was for the wooden handle Spyderco Puukko.

$140 as of this posting and you don't have to wait.
huh, these cost 291 EURO in my country
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They are $90 on Amazon right now....
Oh what the ****! It dropped $8 in 24 hours....buttheads....
Right...I wonder if they are trying to clear that model out for whatever reason. Nice looking knife
I paid 149 for this on knifecenter and still think it's a good deal. it's discontinued and not going to be available for long.