Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker & Ultra Fine Stonesearch

Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker & Ultra Fine Stone

Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker & Ultra Fine Stone

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If you can't offer legitimate deals because of MAP. Just don't offer the product. This "deal" is the definition of rip off. With shipping it's $86 when I can get the same thing on Amazon with free shipping for $68. I already own one of these SharpMaker and they are AWESOME! But I can assure I wouldn't have the same opinion if I had been ripped off like this. I love Massdrop, but come on. Figure it out guys.
+1 for offering without the tenacious.

-1 for the horrible description of the ultra fine... ”puts a fine scratch pattern on the blade edge"? That makes it sound like a negative. How about ”gives a mirror finish, scary sharp edge”?

One question... Do I read this drop correctly that you only get a single ultra fine stone? If so, wtf? You need too stones to use this sharpener effectively.
Even with the $20 credit youre not really beating MAP by much, and amazon sells them for ~$50 anyway.

I know you guys don’t want to go below MAP, but man... $50 sharpmaker from amazon +$15 UF stone plus 2 day shipping, or nearly $80 for both and wait a month...

I like massdrop, a lot... but I don’t get these kinds of drops.
This drop still isn't the best, but it's better than the drop that came with the Tenacious. If you don't already own one, pick one up. You literally can't fail at sharpening a knife with this. And the Ultra Fine stone can get your edge to a mirror polish, if you have the patience.
Just wanted to throw an endorsement in for this sharpener. It's great. I've always struggled a bit trying to get the right angle while sharpening, and this thing makes it super easy to do what you need to to have sharp blades.
I was looking forward to this drop but it's not going to happen at this price. Even without the fine stone and if it's free shipping, it's still $5 more than Amazon.
I believe that they are only selling you one ultra fine stone. That makes it unusable in the way the sharpmaker was intended to be used. People will be upset when they realize this.
There are some good deals on this site but this isn't one.
Also, if it's really just one ultrafine, they're charging 2x the price on Amazon for the stone. They're only $15 on Amazon:
$68 on amazon with the ultra fine stone ($53 without) and free shipping

Sorry, $33 shipping is a deal breaker.
Sharpmaker is an incredible tool... especially if you have the ultra-fine ($15)and course diamond ($50) triangles. Starting with the diamond and working all the way to the ultra-fine (4 steps), I can reshape a blade and bring it to a ultra-scary sharpness... repeatably and with little to no skill needed.

Tenacious knife... don't have one, don't want one, can't speak to it. I'm sure there is a reason MD is pairing a knife into the drop, but the masses would be better served with the sharpmaker and add-ons for the extra triangles. For what would be a $100 total, it is the best sharpening system I have ever come across.
No Tenacious in this drop. Weird re-use, Massdrop.
$33 shipping to the UK and forced to include a knife I don't want? That's a great marketing ploy.
...plus whatever Customs will want... plus their ludicrous £8 'holding fee'.
I would like be to see some stropping/polishing compound drop.
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Thanks so much for the info!!!! Much appreciate.
Stropman 4 stroke is sweet
How does this compare to using a series of KING whetstones or a combination one?
I know nothing about knife sharpening.
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fwiw, you can get course diamond rods for around $50. I use these all the time on friends dead knives that need a new edge created