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Spyderco SP2 Spyderpac Knife Carrying Case

Spyderco SP2 Spyderpac Knife Carrying Case

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I bought the large (sp1) earlier this year and I'm not a fan, as I feel it obscures the beauty of my collection excessively.

Then I bought https://smile.amazon.com/your-orders/pop/ref=oh_aui_i_d_old_o21?_encoding=UTF8&gen=canonical&lineItemId=jnpktqomnkrsqny&orderId=113-0374288-4151408&packageId=1&returnSummaryId=&returnUnitIndices=&shipmentId=DCLmrrPg9 and while it is cheap, pleathery material I'll be buying the next size up as I love the ordered look I'm able to achieve, as well as how _most_ of my knives look against the red felt background.

NOTE: In the comments they complain about the slots being too close and the elastic too tight to fit a knife in every slot. This is 100% accurate. To make it work for me I had to stagger the layout: large knife/spyderco roadie. Not everyone has enough small knives or patience to make that work so think about going a size larger than you need. If you only have large knives, I would estimate a loss of 50% capacity.
link doesn't work for me, whats the name of the product?
It's the United Cutlery UC1337 15 knives (obviously YYMV). There is also the UC1338 at 40 knives and the UC1183 at 50+ knives.

UC1337: https://www.amazon.com/United-Cutlery-UC1337-Knife-Storage/dp/B000QE7WJC/
UC1338: https://www.amazon.com/United-Cutlery-UC1338-Pocket-Storage/dp/B001CZBFHE/
UC1883: https://www.amazon.com/United-Cutlery-UC1183-Knife-Roll/dp/B000GXPP38/

$5 shipping kills this. $29.97 on Amazon with prime.

I want the larger version, let's get a drop going for that one!
55% shipping to Canada :(
No. I'm not paying $15 for regular mail to Canada on this one
$48CAD in Amazon.ca with free shipping and no taxes. It comes to $37USD, which is about $5 less
$27 + $5 shipping is $32. It's currently $30 at Amazon FYI, so I'd recommend getting it from there.

I have the SP1 (the larger one) and it's a good place to store a large collection of folders.
How long have you had it? I'm concerned by the prospect of that plastic getting yellow or going stiff like cheap PVC.
I've had it for about exactly a year, I got it partially to organize my plethora of knives, but also to help when I moved last year. So far the plastic is holding up well, but I mostly keep it rolled up and it's not exposed to sunlight
Bought 2, great for travelling.
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You said you bought 2-18 knife carrying cases for travelling.
I said they are good for travelling and that I bought 2 so how does that mean I travel with 30 or more knives? Travelling can be going to a knife show 20 minutes away, or going to my cabin 2 hours away. And just because they hold 18 knives doesn't mean you have to put 18 in it. And maybe I already own one and bought 2 for gifts for other people.
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