Spyderco Temperance 2 Fixed Bladesearch

Spyderco Temperance 2 Fixed Blade

Spyderco Temperance 2 Fixed Blade

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This is a great knife and you can get one similar to it in super steel for around the same cost give or take. Google "spyderco mule team" they have high carbon and stainless super steels a few times a year and phase them out. Currently they are on number 26 iirc and have LC200N, 20cv, A11 currently iirc. Google to find them. They are not the same profile as the temperance here but similar.

You have to buy the scales and screws from Halperin Titanium and spyderco sells a baltoron or leather sheath on there website for them.

Massdrop should make a massdrop.com exclusive with everything included that would be sweet.

Anyways that's just for the few lookin for more than vg10 which is a really good stainless steel for food prep and slicing.
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LC200N is probably the best all around steel for knives in general. Super tough, 99.9% stainless and keeps an edge as well as other common super steels.

It's also commonly known as Z-Finit and Cronidur 30.

Spyderco is going to be switching there salt line of knives to it specifically. So there will be more options from spyderco in 2018. Kershaw made a limited edition model with Cronidur 30 but it's expensive and hard to find used. Many custom makers will still use Z-Finit but usually customs are out of most folks price range. Of course the mule team would be a great alternative as its pretty affordable as well as the spidie chef.

Otherwise I'm sure you can find some of the others with a Google search using the other steel names.

It's doubtful that it will become mainstream but would be appreciated if it did. More manufacturers should use it. I would expect if its not already popular in chefs knives it should be.

And with its toughness and stainless properties it would be a an amazing chopper.
Thanks man - that is really helpful. I wasn't awere of the other names so Uncle Google kept showing me Syderco!
I'll let others comment on the price (I got mine from Knifecenter for $159.95) and wait time, but I was really impressed with the f&f on this blade, as well as the great ergonomics that made it really comfortable in hand (I have largish hands).
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No question the sheath sucks, but I've been making it work. I took a closer look and saw that the handle is only partially inserted, and feels like it would take significant force to get it fully in there (and back out as well). No point in in forcing it further since it's already holding it pretty tight. Not a deal breaker for me personally, but ymmv
I owned one that was stolen a year or so ago (and purchased 6 moths before that), but the sheath on that one fit really well. I don't know if it is just inconsistent or something was changed.
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