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Square Trade Goods Candles (2-Pack)

Square Trade Goods Candles (2-Pack)

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Poured by Hand in Virginia

Based in Richmond, Virginia, Square Trade Goods Co. makes candles that encourage a connection to the process, ingredients, and people behind the product. Each scent is created in house using all-natural, American-grown soy wax, which is then poured by hand into 8-ounce glass jars. The candles—whose nuanced, nature-inspired scents range from sweet and earthy to mellow and clean—each boast a 55-hour burn time. You’ll get two candles to create a sense of atmosphere in any corner of your home.

Note: This drop is for two candles. At checkout, choose Balsam Fir, Campfire, Fig & Sage, Grass & Cedar, Leather & Smoke, Rosemary Mint, or Tobacco Black Pepper.

Behind the Scenes


  • Square Trade Goods Co.
  • 8 oz all-natural US-grown soy wax
  • 55-hour burn time
  • Hand-poured in Richmond, VA
  • All ingredients made in the USA


  • Balsam Fir: Fresh, clean, and crisp; the scent of cool mountain air and fresh pine needles.
  • Campfire: Warm, smoky, and sweet; woodsmoke mixed with pine and cedar woods topped with subtle sweetness of amber
  • Fig & Sage: Sweet spiciness of fresh fig combined with herbal earthiness of sage
  • Grass & Cedar: Warm cedar, mahogany, and teak woods mixed with freshly cut grass
  • Leather & Smoke: Warm, musky leather rounded out with burnt cedar
  • Rosemary Mint: Invigorating, refreshing mint with resinous, herbal rosemary
  • Tobacco Black Pepper: Mellow woodsy scent of fresh-cut tobacco leaves layered with spicy black pepper on top of clean vetiver base


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