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Star Wars Armada Bundle

Star Wars Armada Bundle

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The Fate of the Galaxy

Take on the role of a fleet admiral and oversee an epic space confrontation. Armada is the spiritual successor to X-Wing, where two players battle over the fate of the Galaxy. Armada feature capital ships, new intuitive ship designs, and new tactical play. Turns begin with command phases, ship activation phases, a squadron phase, and a status phase. This drop includes an extra dice pack and maneuver tool for added convenience and efficiency to gameplay.

Note; There are only 50 bundles available for this drop.

Star Wars Armada Bundle


Gameplay is similar to X-Wing, with similar objectives, but a vastly different assembly of fleets and ship design. Take on the role of either the Imperials or Rebels and build an army to decide the fate of the galaxy. Command your fleet and attain victory in the Galactic Civil War. For more information on gameplay, visit the link below.

Star Wars Armada Official Rules (PDF)

Star Wars Armada Bundle
Star Wars Armada Bundle
Star Wars Armada Bundle

Armada Overview by FFG


  • Fantasy Flight Games
  • Recommended for ages 14 and up
  • 2 players
  • Playing time: 120 minutes


  • Star Wars Armada Base Game
  • Dice Pack
  • Maneuver Tool


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Estimated ship date is Sep 4, 2015 PT.

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