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Star Wars Battle Pack Model Kits

Star Wars Battle Pack Model Kits

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Maybe next time we can get the bandi model kits to drop

+$33 Shipping.

Guys, We all get it. We all get to read it multiple times on every single drop. International shipping is expensive. Nothing is going to change that. Do us all a favor and simply move on without commenting.
Shipping to NZ is 32$ !
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Yeah, there's a difference between having to pay reasonable amounts for international shipping and stuff like this, where we're paying a prohibitive amount for no apparent reason.
The apparent reason is that shipping is based on the weight and size of the item as well as where it is being shipped, as opposed to the price of the item, which everyone likes to erroneously use for comparison. If anything, Massdrop grossly undercharges their shipping. The actual shipping rates can be verified at, so the very expensive international rates are not hidden from anyone.
Actually cheaper than Amazon for a change.
Yeah true, but its only like a $1.50 difference (after shipping).

Plus gotta wait like a month for MD to ship out their stuff...

I think ill stick with amazon so I get get it sooner x-x
Ah, forgot to check the shipping. Yet another disappointment.
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