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Was this a one-time deal or will we ever see STAX systems on Massdrop again?
can someone tell me what does the transformer look like? i wanted to buy one from either china (220v ) or japan (110v) but i don't know where to get the proper transformer to get it to work in the US
thanks for replying to my post, which i almost forgot!! so many things happened within a year..
im a little skeptical about the headphones being 132 kOhms. thats 132000 Ohms. wtf
A very very delayed reply because I just happened to see if MD ever offered Stax.
No, 132KOhms is correct. These are electrostatic headphones. They require very minimal current <1mA but very high voltage >500V to drive. Some of the electrostatic amps on the market go all the way up to 1500V output. If you look at full electrostatic speakers, it's not uncommon to have drivers that can output >3KV at higher current. A regular coil speaker unit usually requires high current and low voltage to drive (<30V & >10mA).
EDIT: Voltage mentioned here are all VPP, not RMS.
I've heard these are game ending headphones. Hopefully this is true.
According to me, yes, they are. I tried the STAX after Senns HD 280 PRO, Beyer DT 770 250 OHMs, AKG K612, HIFIMAN HE 400s etc. None can come even close to the sound and detail quality
Could we just swap out the power cable for a U.S. one and be fine?
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The amp requires 220V. The US uses 120V AC through your wall. You'll need to use the step-up transformer Massdrop provides you.

While you can get a US power cable and bypass the transofmer entirely, if you plug the amp into a 120V outlet without the step-up converter, It will either:
1) not work at all
2) draw 1/4 the power needed, and not work well
apart from voltage..frequency is also different...
These might be the ugliest headphones I've ever seen. But hey, if they sound nice I'm fine with them.
no problem with the price, but i am not sure what kind of songs should i listen to after i get this.
Just to say, these Stax 'combo' is $50 cheaper in the Stax website:
@ 1,250.00 price on that link for me...
For me too, as for today. My last post was 32 days ago... ;-) Apparently, they were on sales, too.
was two years the first time. having had it for a year, it's been great.
Yes, what is the warranty and who backs it?
what are the warranties on these thing ?
How do these compare to the Audeze cans?