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SteelSeries Siberia 650 Gaming Headset

SteelSeries Siberia 650 Gaming Headset

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I bought these directly from SteelSeries at the same time as this drop. I would say these are defiantly a gaming headset designed and marketed to gamers not audiophiles.
THE GOOD: The "wishbone" floating suspension is a pretty good design feature. The cans are comfortable for long use. The mic is an interesting design. The controls for "inline mute" and volume are part of the cans (this is a smart feature, digging around for the mute is not always conducive to game play). They can be daisy chained and it comes with a bunch of different connection options.
THE BAD: A lot of proprietary connectors, don't lose them! The drivers are kind of muted, I'm not sure if this is because I'm using the simulated Dolby Surround without the "recommended software/ hardware driver," or if there is a burn-in time (doubtful). The mic I have been told sounds a bit tinny (once again see no driver and current config [TS3]).
THE UGLY: Mostly the price.

For most people these are not worth $200, however if you are playing games for 25+ hours a week they are super comfy and anyone can just pick them up and plop them on your head without much fuss adjusting the headband.

Other Notes: I had no issues with the "dreaded left ear" but you do have to have an above average knowledge of sound driver configuration in windows (especially if you have a REALCRAP [RealTek] audio driver) to get the sound balance right.
I've been wanting to try other headsets (was using Logitech G35 and G930's for the longest). Currently I'm using the Corsair H2100. The problem I've had (and I've not had Steel Series) is that all the other manufacturer's software is terrible in comparison to Logitech's. Has anyone used these and how is the software that comes with them?
That's not important if you cant even hear anything...
Please google Siberia 650 dead left side issue.
Its common through all Siberia headphones, including elite, 650 and V3
Waste of plastic...
I've never really bought off of massdrop before and wondering, what is the currency of the site? Is it USD or is it your local currency? (i.e AED, AUD etc)
Newegg has Elite for $150.

And based on the FAQ from Steelseries, 650 is exactly the same thing as Elite.
gotta say that the new egg flash deal is best. free shipping no t ax and $20 less
i checked and choral is right. the 650 IS the same as the elite prism
if you want these cans in white, get them before the flash ends
Got them on my ears... Would not recommend.
Still regretting the purchase
I had two pairs die on me due to bad design, plus its not like they sound amazing.
HAHAHA. Who the hell would buy this crap?
Is this a new model, or does this version still suffers the dead left side almost as soon as you get it out of the box?
Logitech G633 is a better gaming head phone then this one and for a better audio headphone and gaming headphone i got audio technica M50x with the Uni mod mic
good hookups... bad sound on g633
good description for whats new
for 199 free shipping they throw in a $30 stand
Check out lowest drop point. We are $60 cheaper than that price and are also offering free shipping. Looks like you would still save with us if you decide you want to buy the stand separately.
Entering the territory of M50 + ModMic, not very compelling as a purchase.
But LEDs I won't even be able to see while playing my games!!!1
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