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A Quilt Label for the Next Generation

A quilt isn’t finished until you’ve tagged it with your own personal label. But it’s the 21st century—a plain old label just won’t do. Enter StoryPatches, a family-owned company founded by Mike Newman, a board member of The Quilt Alliance. His idea is simple: Combine a physical sew-on quilt label with a video message that the quilt’s recipient can access online. An excellent addition to any quilt intended as a gift or heirloom, StoryPatches are easy to use, a breeze to adhere, and fun to share.

Note: This bundle includes eight StoryPatches (two StoryPatches in each of four designs) and one Pigma Micron pen. At checkout, choose your StoryPatches set: Set #1 features I Love You Because, Bunting by Stephanie Palmer, Colored Butterflies by Sariditty, and Sewing Machine designs, while Set #2 features Flutter Border, Flower & Vine, Colored Butterflies by Sariditty, and Sewing Machine designs.

StoryPatches Quilt Labels
StoryPatches Quilt Labels
StoryPatches Quilt Labels

Here’s How It Works

This bundle includes two StoryPatches in each of four different designs, for a total of eight cotton StoryPatches. Using the included Pigma Micron pen in permanent black ink, write your message on a StoryPatch, leaving room around the barcode, and sew it onto your quilt. Then, log onto and upload a picture of the barcode or type in the 10-digit code. Finally, upload a video message for the recipient of the quilt. When they receive the quilt and scan the tag, they’ll receive the message you recorded!

Watch the video below and then click here for full instructions on how to use and care for StoryPatches. Download the mobile link here. Or, download from the website here.

Set #1

I Love You Because
Bunting by Stephanie Palmer
Colored Butterflies
Sewing Machine

Set #2

Flutter Border
Flower & Vine
Colored Butterflies
Sewing Machine

Included pen in both sets:

StoryPatches Quilt Labels


  • StoryPatches
  • Printed by Spoonflower
  • Printed on 100% cotton poplin fabric
  • Thread count: 133 x 72
  • Made in Durham, NC


  • 8 StoryPatches
  • 1 Pigma Micron pen


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