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Ken Onion Stratus Culinary Knives: Rain Collection

Ken Onion Stratus Culinary Knives: Rain Collection

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American Made & Kitchen Optimized

Designed by legendary knifemaker Ken Onion, the Rain collection comprises 11 American-made kitchen knives, each one excelling at different tasks. Made from high-carbon stainless steel, the blades feature a unique pattern to keep food from sticking, and to reduce surface tension when cutting. And with G-10 handles impervious to both heat and moisture, these versatile knives won’t slip out of your hand when peeling an orange or slicing through a meaty pork chop.

Note: At checkout, choose between the 4-inch Paring Knife, Multi-purpose Detailer (+ $2), 3-inch Reverse Paring Knife (+ $5), 6-inch Cook’s Knife (+ $10), 6-inch Straight Utility (+ $10), 6-inch Curved Filet Knife (+ $15), 9-inch Bread Knife (+ $15), 9-inch Slicer (+ $20), 7-inch Santility Knife (+ $22), 8.5-inch Fusion Knife (+ $28), and 8-inch Cook’s Knife (+ $30). This drop can only be shipped to US addresses, click here for additional information.

Ken Onion Stratus Culinary Knives: Rain Collection
Ken Onion Stratus Culinary Knives: Rain Collection

Which Knife is For You?

4-inch Paring Knife

Designed for a natural cutting motion, this knife allows users to work without their fingers hitting the cutting board, making it an excellent choice for quick cuts and chops.

Multi-purpose Detailer

Suitable for making small cuts, peeling fruits and vegetables, and cutting garnishes, this small and highly functional knife helps achieve kitchen-quality presentation with ease.

3-inch Reverse Paring Knife

Ideal for peeling fruits and veggies, this handy knife is ergonomically shaped with finger grooves for maximum control. The back end of the handle has a circular peeler for creating citrus twists, zesting, and cutting out stems.

6-inch Cook’s Knife

This knife is made to tackle a wide range of tasks in the kitchen. Large enough to cut through thick pieces of meat, but small enough to tackle small veggies, it’s a great all-around slicer.

6-inch Straight Utility Knife

This versatile knife is capable of a multitude of cuts, chops, and slices. It features an indentation on the handle for added control, which is great for cutting corn on the cob, broccoli, and other messy veggies.

6-inch Curved Filet Knife

Great for filleting large cuts of meat, this knife features an extremely sharp and flexible blade that helps reduce stress on the forearm when pulling through flesh.

9-inch Bread Knife

This knife features a 9-inch blade and a textured spine for stability. Its reverse-scalloped edge reduces crumbs and tearing when cutting through stubborn loaves of bread, cakes, and other pastries.

9-inch Slicer

One of the larger knives in the Rain collection, this hefty all-purpose knife makes quick work of tough cuts like big slabs of meat, butternut squash, and melons. Thanks to its non-stick surface, it won’t get bogged down in the middle of large cuts.   

7-inch Santility Knife

This knife supports a natural rocking motion when chopping without sacrificing slicing ability. The handle allows users to choke up for more detailed cuts, too.

8.5-inch Fusion Knife

Probably the most versatile knife in the Rain collection, this combination knife excels in slicing and chopping tasks. Plus, its wide belly allow users to easily scoop up food once cut.

8-inch Cook’s Knife

Slightly larger than the 6-inch knife, the 8-inch Cook’s knife is made to handle larger cuts. It features an optimized curve that makes quick work of rocking cuts, chopping, and slicing.

About Ken Onion

A former US Marine and avid knife collector since childhood, Ken Onion is known as one of the most innovative knife designers in the industry. The youngest member ever inducted into the Knifemakers Hall of Fame, Onion holds 36 patents and actually invented Kershaw’s acclaimed SpeedSafe opening system. A firm believer in American-made craftsmanship, Onion currently operates out of his workshop in Kaneohe, Hawaii.

Model Options

4-inch Paring
Multi-purpose Detailer (+ $2)
3-inch Reverse Paring Knife (+ $5)
6-inch Cook’s Knife (+ $10)
6-inch Straight Utility (+ $10)
6-inch Curved Filet Knife (+ $15)
9-inch Bread Knife (+ $15)
9-inch Slicer (+ $20)
7-inch Santility Knife (+ $22)
8.5-inch Fusion Knife (+ $28)
8-inch Cook’s Knife (+ $30)


  • Designed by Ken Onion
  • Blade: High-carbon stainless steel with rain pattern
  • Handle: G-10
  • Impervious to heat and moisture
  • Virtually non-stick surface
  • Handle design reduces stress on the forearm
  • Finger choils for grip
  • Reduced surface tension


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Estimated ship date is July 18, 2016 PT.

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