Strideline City Socks (2-Pack)search

Strideline City Socks (2-Pack)

Strideline City Socks (2-Pack)

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Sky High Design

When pulling on some socks, you could keep things plain and tame with solid colors, or you could show some character by rolling up a skyline. Made with a sweat wicking cotton and polyester blend and adorned with some of America’s most iconic skylines, the Strideline City Socks let you always carry your favorite cities

Note: At check-out, you can select two of the following styles: Bay Area (Gold/Scarlet/Black, Yellow/Green, Blue/Yellow, or Orange/Black), Los Angeles (Purple/Yellow or Blue/Yellow), Seattle (Blue/Green), Miami (Blue/White/Orange or Red/Black), Chicago (Red/Black or Navy/Orange), Brooklyn (Black/White), Boston (Green/White), or Portland (Black/Red).

Strideline City Socks (2-Pack)

Building Socks

Made with a performance blend of cotton, nylon, polyester, and spandex, the crew socks breathe easily and stand up to serious use. With the ribbed construction, you can be sure they always stay in place. And we haven’t even gotten to the colorfully and faithfully reproduced skyline of each city, aesthetic reminders of your hometown, your favorite sports team, or just some place you’d like to go someday.

Strideline City Socks (2-Pack)Strideline City Socks (2-Pack)

Style Options

Bay Area (Gold/Scarlet/Black)
Bay Area (Yellow/Green)
Bay Area (Blue/Yellow)
Bay Area (Orange/Black)
Los Angeles (Purple/Yellow)
Los Angeles (Blue/Yellow)
Seattle (Blue/Green)
Miami (Blue/White/Orange)
Miami (Red/Black)
Chicago (Red/Black)
Chicago (Navy/Orange)
Brooklyn (Black/White)
Boston (Green/White)
Portland (Black/Red)


  • Strideline
  • 25% cotton, 55% nylon, 15% polyester, 5% spandex
  • Sweat wicking construction
  • Final sale


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Estimated ship date is Nov 20, 2014 PT.

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