A Brush With Destiny
If you’re tired of smearing shaving cream all over your palms every time you need a shave, it’s time to upgrade to a dedicated tool that does the dirty work for you. Able to achieve a thicker lather, more consistent application, and overall classier aesthetic than your hand could dream of, the Vulfix Super Badger Brush #374 elevates your shaving game to mogul status.
Super Powers
Based in the United Kingdom, Progress Vulfix is one of the top producers of handmade shaving brushes. After one shave with the Super Badger 374, it’s not difficult to see why. The bristle load- like its name implies- is made of Super Badger hair, a luxuriantly soft material that boasts excellent water retention. High functioning and easy on the face, it easily outperforms synthetic brushes and retains its quality for years.
Lathe and Lather
Finished with a lathe turned handle, the #374 features excellent weight distribution and rests easily in the palm. Ranked by many shaving connoisseurs as the finest brush available, the Vulfix Super Badger Brush makes monotonous grooming as luxurious as a steam and a schvitz.
  • Progress Vulfix
  • Hand-selected Super Badger bristles
  • Lathe turned handle
  • Made on the Isle of Man
  • Total height: 3.62 in (92 mm)
  • Bristle knot: 0.79 in (20 mm)
  • Bristle loft: 1.85 in (47 mm)

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