Shave Like a Professional
Put that Skintimate lotion back where you found it. It's time to shave like a professional. Ranked by many as the best shaving brush on the market, the Vulfix Super Badger Brush #374 will dramatically improve your shaving experience right out of the box.
Natural Badger Hair Bristles
Nobody wants synthetic fibers poking and prodding their face, so what does Vulfix use? Straight up Honey Badger hair. Ok, maybe not honey badger, but they do use all natural badger hair bristles, which allow you to easily work up a tremendous lather for a close and comfortable shave.
A Comfortable Lather Every Time
The Vulfix Super Badger #374 fits perfectly in the hand and unlike some other brushes out there, this high quality brush doesn't require any use or special treatment to deliver a comfortable lather every time. Its hand selected bristles provide superior water retention and its soft tips turn each shave into an experience.
  • Handle diameter: 35mm
  • Brush Height: 92mm
  • Bristle Knot: 20mm diameter
  • Bristle Loft: 47mm
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