Superior Threads Magnifico Cones (2-Pack)search

Superior Threads Magnifico Cones (2-Pack)

Superior Threads Magnifico Cones (2-Pack)

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High Quality, Vibrant Colors

Magnifico Cones hold 3,000 yards of high-quality thread that come in a variety of vibrant colors. The high-tension thread undergoes a heat-setting process, which eliminates shrinkage and improves quality. Each cone contains high-sheen trilobal filament polyester thread that is ideal for embroidery, quilting, and sewing. Providing the perfect balance between vibrance and quality, Magnifico cones are an ideal addition to any quilter’s toolkit. Each color was carefully selected by Community Member and long-arm quilter, Sariditty. A specialist in Sketchbook Quilting, Sariditty says the colors were chosen for their vibrancy and eye-catching shades. 

Note: At checkout, you can select two 3,000 yard cones out of the 8 colors offered: Bright Moss (#2097), Horizon (#2146), Lakota Blue (#2138), Old Lace (#2170), Orange Juice (#2037), Passionate Purple (#2124), Silverado (#2166), and Sun (#2061). 

Superior Threads Magnifico Cones (2-Pack)

Quilting Samples Using Magnifico Thread by Sariditty

Sariditty quilted these mini quilts using Magnifico thread! Check out more of her quilting on Instagram!


  • Superior Threads
  • High-sheen trilobal filament polyester
  • 40 weight
  • 2-ply
  • Each spool measures 3,000 yards (2743.2 meters)


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