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SuperNova Keycap Set

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Some photos would be nice. Otherwise, eh?
What does it mean "cherry profile" ? there can be many cherry profile (dsa, sa, dca, flat ...)
I just noticed the OEM Profile and Vortex not Signature Plastics... So then I saw the product shot on Deskauthority...

For what totals out at ~$150 for me (inc. Intl shipping) these key caps look ... Not remotely worth it.

I'll be interested in a Signature Plastics version of this, but these keys look like a WASD standard set, which I can get with my own font specs for $50 + shipping.


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Since you've taken the pic from deskthority, it would be fair to add also matt3o's commentary to it (since you're taking the pic out of context): "They didn't use the font I chose, though and the colors are not exactly what I picked. I was assured that the final product will be perfect anyway."
He also confirmed that they will be cherry profile
any chance to inclues big ass enter keycap in specialty kit? =)
eh. Possibly the least interesting set I've seen on here in a while. Again, going to be next to impossible to get me to spend $50+ on something you don't have images of. Especially when the flat renderings you do have are this bad...
Why so expensive >_< ?
1.75x shift removed from the Winkeyless Kit where it is traditionally placed to try and push sales on a $39 child where I need literally only that one key. No thanks.
Need some consensus on whether these are Cherry Profile or OEM? If OEM like Vortex said(most likely right) then I'm not interested.

Also on the colors, are they the same as the regular Space Cadet set? With the exception of the print being black this time around because they are dyesub. Are the grey alpha keys going to be lighter shade of grey?
matt3o said they told him cherry profiles and free shipping. i'm waiting on his confirmation on desk authority thread before i take a leap with this honestly.
can we also get a Planck sets with all these key caps
I agree
Very nice... Is MD selling a piece of black paper with keys printed on it?
Where are the pictures of the real product?

I can see KB market shifting towards audiophile one.
Absence of reason. We will see $300+ keycap sets soon enough.
This is tempting, but I'm going to need a good picture of plastic chips or least resin samples to get a better idea of actual colors before I drop in.
This set is OEM profile not Cherry.
Any chance we could actually get the full ISO set? With the " above the 2 etc. etc. else it's a bit null and void! :(

Also - is there no space between "Caps" and "Lock" on the Caps Lock button?