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I don't understand why anybody would want an ABC only watch these days? You can get so much more out of your watch if it's an ABC + GPS. I know they are more expensive, but it's so much more useful...
Does this watch have a weekday alarm? As in, won't go off on weekends?
This is only $10 cheaper than Amazon. starting to notice this more and more that the deals on massdrop are not as good as they once were.
Be careful. Prior sales on eBay indicate this watch, brand new, has sold for much less, albeit from (reputable) Asian sellers.
Personally, I'm not afraid to buy quartz watches like these on the used market
They're built to take a beating, unlike a mechanical watch which may have all sorts of issues. If you can find considerable savings used....... that may be the route to go down on.

TheIzzardKing and Crim91 I’m not sure you all are aware, but those links that you are posting to troll Massdrop about prices, are failing to show the prices that you are posting in here

Also not everyone has amazon prime. So it’s pointless to the majority. Your points fall on troll ears and fail as a troll and should be ashamed #satire
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Thanks? You sound like a total douche
Thank you for your feedback.
$158 on amazon.
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Lol, actually MCJROTC in high school.
That makes sense lol. I just finished 5 years in the Corps.

Good luck with things.
Got my Core today from the last drop and I couldn't be any happier!  I invested in a jaysandkays after market fixed lug adaptor set which included a ballistic nylon 5 PVD ring zulu strap. The kit came with 2 screwdrivers and Loctite for the screws. Watching their youtube video on installation made everything so seamless. I got a little careless with the Loctite applications to the screws, but it cleaned up nicely and the mod looks extremely factory.

Comfort wise, I did try it on with the default strap straight out of the box, and as users have noted in the past, it is very comfortable.  I however really was looking forward to modding a strap that looked and hopefully felt better. After all the modding, the comfort is "different" than the default, but still perfect for my size wrists and I am forgetting that I even have it on as I type this. One advantage of nato/zulu straps is the buckle is no longer on the bottom of your wrist, so it wont interfere with your desk or keyboard while typing!

I have zero issues with the negative display brightness because I am biased to the "tacticool" military factor and that being one of the main reasons I wanted it (also swapping out strap for nato/zulu style).  After reading problems regarding stuck buttons or non-responsive intermittency. I have learned there is an easy fix for this sort of issue, dealing with debris and/or the metal contact lever under the button getting bent low over time.  There are videos on youtube for easy disassembly to restore the springiness. Also seems the bezel can easily be replaced for roughly 75$ via Suunto customer service if the scuffing over the years really gets to you. I am expecting to wear and appreciate this watch for many years to come, and really would like to thank Massdrop for this deal!

Would you mind link the straps? Thank you
*reminder this is for the screw adapter (not springbar) set including strap*
I bought the all black version in May, which I think was the last drop for it. I loved the watch and didn't have a problem reading the display. I took it on a 4 day canoe trip a month after getting the watch. The two top buttons and the mode button stopped working so I could not change the display or utilize any of the functions. I returned the watch to a local dealer who has sent it in for repair/replacement but have yet to hear back. This is apparently a known problem and I will post the response I get from Suunto.
Any update on this situation?
Two words of advice - which I had read in advance but forged ahead anyway: 1) on the all black watches, it can be difficult to see the display against the black backdrop. The all black version looks nice, but for practical use in hindsight I would have bought one with a light watch face, and 2) the alarm is very quiet - used this watch on the JMT this year and used the alarm a couple times when I wanted an early start. Was going for half hour a couple mirnings before I finally heard it.
i had an all black for five years. Really didn't have a problem with seeing the display myself. I am sure it is not as pronounced as the white background. But then again it's targeted for those of us who want to be tacticool. Going to go with that model again. Just wish they lasted longer. One thing people should be aware of is Suunto's conviluted interface. If you do not regularly use it you will forget it. The band is a POS and will break after 3-4 years. Replacenents are $30-40 dollars. You can replace the battery on your own which is a breath of fresh air. Suunto advises replaceing the gasket at the sametime. But I never really needed to.
To each his own - to see this watch in any sort of dim lighting you need to have the "display highlight" button memorised - but as long as you don't mind that it has plenty of tacti-cool going for it.