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Swan M100 MKII Speakers

Swan M100 MKII Speakers

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This came up kind of quietly. Do these speakers come with everything necessary to just plug into a computer and run? Any extra cables needed?
yes they do, no extra stuff needed
They're ready to run from any source with a line level output on either RCA stereo or 3.5mm/.125" stereo: PC, smart phone, DAC, personal music device, you name it.

BTW, they're a combo of the earlier M200 series with some of the later Swan H series drivers. Easily the best kept secret of the entire line...especially if you like the Diva series's style.
i have the Swan M10 and the sound with good synergetic gear , is incredible....musical.... i am incredibly lucky to had the Swan M10 but tesse mKII are better imagine.... Now people dont search for quality sound only boom boom.... The companies who made cheap speakers made them for the demand..... Swan make them for music...purchase that if you can
... Still prefer the M50
Waiting for the 200 Mk3s...
What a great deal. Bought these for 300 USD from Amazon. Don't miss this deal.
My "mistake".... But definitely NOT, " my bad". I leave that Responsibility, to the 'Vendor'.
As the 'M100s' are NOT listed at the above Site ! .... really ???
First off, NO one has responded to the Question of Bluetooth compatibility with " Aptx ".
The suggested site of www.audioinsider, actually takes one to the Chane Speaker's site:
Yes, the complete Swan line-up, is shown. But still NO Reviews !
All I've accomplished so far; Is to feel Bad, for NOT joining the last CHANE - 'A1rx-c ' Speaker Drop ! :(
btw - Yes, I know the Chane's require amplification... but between a NAD 3020 and an Onkyo 70 watt per channel amp, I presently own. I'm sure, They'd be driven fine.
Most especially since my application would be "near field".
Does Anyone have a Review of These ?
I'm in!
I bought these a month ago and they are phenomenal
FYI they are 3.5 to 3.5 and also they have no sub out
They have great bluetooth though

Edit: Quick review for those interested
Packaging: great, very secure. Comes with a 3.5 to 3.5 cable, speaker cable and power cable as well as gloves for you to carry them without getting them all finger printed.
Highs: Clear and clean, doesn't overstay it's welcome. I really enjoy the sound.
Mids: very realistic. really excels with vocals
Bass: If you're looking for bass this really isn't it. I might even call it lacking. There isn't a woofer and you can really tell. The bass is there on a musical level (you can hear it. string bass sounds great) but if you're looking for any sort of rumble go somewhere else (EDM and that kinda stuff).
Volume levels: I never go past 15% in my own listening environment. You could probably play this for large room ambient listening but like i said, no bass so don't expect to have any parties
Look: Extremely stylish. wood finish and sleek varnished look. It is a fingerprint magnet for sure so be wary.
Bluetooth: Works, doesn't sound bad. no connectivity issues but the farthest i've ever been is like 10 feet away.
Imaging: Pretty good i guess. You can definitely tell which part of the "stage" things are coming from but as far as depth goes it's only average. I can only really tell the difference between near and far.

Be sure to prop these towards your ears with some sort of foam or a stand cause you'll be really missing out on some detail

At this price I highly recommend it. I bought it for 300 with warrenty and shipping and I was satisfied. This price is a steal.
Is there a 240 volt version and would there be extra import duty shipping to the UK or is that included in the price?
No 240v version for North American markets. Units ship from Nevada for the US and Canada.
+1 would like to know if these are aptx. I also like the look of ruak mr1 aptx speakers and philips fidelio e2 aptx speaker.
Does anybody know what kind of Bluetooth these speakers have? is it 4.0? Are they aptx capable?
Why the m100 mkii and not the m200 mkii or mkiii or even the m50s :/ for those of you trying to find similar swans www.theaudioinsider.com
After Checking, All the possible avenues, I agree. Why the 'M- 100 mk IIs', Indeed ???
As much as I do appreciate an Up - graded woofer and tweeter, from the " h series"
Most here, like myself are seeking Desktop / "near field " solutions.
" K.I.S.S." ( "Keep It Simple, Stupid") would dictate the ' M-50 Ws'.
Perhaps, even a M-50 w" mk II", which would be compatible with ' AptX ' Bluetooth ?
I'm NOT intent, on picking -a-part this Drop. But It's Not making that much sense.
If I'm mistaken .... Please show me the "error of my ways ".
Did people vote this in? Kinda surprised that nobody has joined. If it was the higher end Swans people would definitely be interested.
110V model?