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Sweet Tooth Novelty Keycaps (3-Pack)

Sweet Tooth Novelty Keycaps (3-Pack)

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Mine just arrived - look really good!

The estimated shipping date for me is December 12, and I live in California. Please tell me that is wrong.

Mine came in the mail today. First I was worried about the cupcakes and stuff because they are only glued on top. You can not rip them of unless you really want to. Would buy them again!
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Hehe. Nah. 3 for $13. Or one for $4 from Spacecat. Which makes it sort of worth it if you have an 11-year-old with a MK.
I would be more worried about the choking hazard than be excited about the frugality.
I took the bait last time and while they are cute for kids they are not built for kids or even really to be used. The Berry Cake showed in 3 pieces, but since they are fairly inexpensive I fixed it myself rather than cry to massdrop. (which I have done a few times with more expensive caps and they have quickly handled the situation.) And I agree with pipicanim that selling your choice of 3 out of 7 is not very nice if you want all 7. Cmon Man, Just sell all 7 for $19.99 and save everyone the hassle/tax/shipping/labor/packaging. The little fruit pieces on the front of the cap have nothing to do with whats on top and vary on each. I got 6 different caps, 3 had apples, so although not likely it it is possible you could get 6 with the same fruit on the front. Overall you get what you pay for and the price is "cheap"!
The fact that these are selling means people here will buy just anything.
Just buy a bunch of this crap and glue it yourself: https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20180730060641&SearchText=miniature+cake
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Thats the thing though...I don't want to do it myself.
I wish there was an option to get all 7 options. It kinda sucks that you have to buy in the multiples of 3.
Exactly! They should be sold as a set of 7 , or individually with a minimum order of 3.
I would like to know what thought process led to selling a set of 7 in groups of three . . .
Aww, I love these! I want to buy them for the gals at work.
I got mine from the last drop and I love them so much I kept one and gave my daughter the others. Now I'm buying them just for me. Bwahaha
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There is no quality difference. I ordered several caps from Spacecat and these showed up as well. Same key base. Same cheap plastic toy literally superglued on top. Pretty much the same price though - this place, 3 for $13 bucks. Spacecat, $3-5 each for most. These things are just silly, cheap fun but they're a hell of a lot more worth it than the hundred buck plus bollocks that people are insane enough to drop cash on. My kid absolutely loves them and his entire Fkey row has been switched out for cheap caps like these, animal ones, and other Spacecat items like cat in a teacup, cow, rabbit and pig. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<3 SpaceCat
So Cute, I wanna eat them
Mine arrived with little (still very cute) flowers on the front instead of fruits and the sweets were slightly off center on the cap. For the price point, I think that's okay but still worth noting.
These are adorable! If I hadn’t just bought that monkey king I’d buy the whole set. Might get them anyways for the gf (read secretly me)
looks like someone went nuts with hot glue and shopkins.
Cake caps!
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I still havent gotten mine. Awesome.
Oh no! Did you reach out to mass drop? :(
What keyboard is that in pic 8? It's basically exactly what I'd want my keyboard to look like.
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That's the Revo 60 in pink that was on Massdrop like 2 weeks ago
I'm having a hard time believing a hundred of these have sold.
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Very true.
If you use zap glue on ABS it actually melts the plastics together. I use it on lego when I want a perma bond.
Obviously a lot of thought has been put into the concepts behind the treats on top of the keys.
I can't tell if this is sarcasm.
I totally understand, but I think they're groovy.
Sorry, but you can actually type on these? How? Even if I had one on, say, my Esc key, which I had to use only occasionally, I'd feel pretty silly pressing it, no matter how cute it was. Just wondering.
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Not really meant to go on the keys you type on regularly.
I’m putting one on F2 and cntl because that’s my keyboard shortcut at work for putting my color on an email (we share a team inbox) and most of the time I push the wrong buttons and it messes it up. If I had ridiculous keycakes on my short cut I’d never miss it. Lol
These just look lazy as hell. Although they're more expensive, I'd rather have a TinyMakesThings commission. Type-able? Perhaps not, but still... https://www.instagram.com/p/BQI2KtNjtTq/?hl=en
Commissions are closed at the moment :( But thanks for recommending it!
Tiny is awesome!
How are the plastics mounted to the keys? I can see that the plastic is a separate mount in the pictures, just cannot tell if it is glued or there is an internally reinforced mount? I mean really you could just cover the whole thing in an epoxy mold I guess unless there is an internal support mount. But if it is just surface glue...
Looks like glue
Give me a needle and a propane torch to heat it and I'll give you a plastic on plastic bond. Go get some dollhouse miniatures and make your own.
I would buy these if I didn't spend all my money on a French press, coffee grinder, and scale
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2tbsp to 6oz, bean to water ratio. LOL
bruv I wish
Looks like it's just glued onto blanks oem keycaps. Sits too high if you ask me. Still reasonably priced if you don't like to diy.
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LOL they're actually just glued on.
You could probably make a lot more of these yourself for the same price.
We all know I'm crazy and use artisans on a daily but this is taking the cake! If I bought these and drove them, either finger tips would be ruined or they would just be topless. :D
(Are they really just glued on?)
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taking the cake? HUE
At least I'm not sniffing the glue they used. Boom!
Nice to have more good value novelties!
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