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Tactile Turn Slider & Glider Bolt-Action Pens

Tactile Turn Slider & Glider Bolt-Action Pens

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How much will shipping cost?
there are 2 reds shown in the pictures and no orange. EDIT: fixed now

I just emailed one of the Massdrop people and hopefully they will get an orange on the main page.
Cool. Thought I'd point that out, do you have any pictures of the copper after some time at all?
Hey everybody - this is Will Hodges from Tactile Turn. We're excited to bring the Slider and Glider bolt action pens to Massdrop. These are designed by me and made in my shop in Richardson, Texas. We have some pretty sweet DMG Mori lathes and strive to make some awesome pens. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact me directly at will@tactileturn.com or ask away here and I'll try to answer any questions quickly.
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Hi Will,

I've been eyeing these pens for a while now (shoutout to everydaycommentary) but I'm hesitant about southpaw compatibility. In your experience, what do lefties tend to think of the curved action?
I’ve gotten a lot of lefties that feel like they were made more for them than right handed people. I think they work pretty well with either hand, you just have to take a minute to get used to the action.
Other than length specs and refill compatibility, I'm failing to see a physical distinction between the 2 designs, correct?
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Thank you for the clarification and opinion good sir!
I stopped by Will's shop this Saturday to pick up some pens and see them firsthand.

They are really nice pens and the amount of work and passion he has for these really shows in the craftsmanship.

To answer your question, they are the same pens but sized differently for the Parker-type and G2 type refills is all.
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