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Tactile Turn Slider & Glider Bolt-Action Pens

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Where's the price?
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Is this the #2 version that has the better mechanical insides made in house ?
You are confusing the Slider/Glider with the (press-the-top-button-style) Mover/Shaker pair. It's the Mover/Shaker that have been updated from an outsourced knock to the in-house mechanism with a ball bearing. It's my understanding that the Sliders and Gliders have had TT's own bolt mechanism from the get-go.
Thanks for the info
is this the new version of the pen? the one with slightly thinner tip?
I have been using a Glider in brass for over a year and it's by far my favorite pen. I EDC it at work in my slacks and around town in pants. The action is smooth and it never accidentally deploys in my pocket. I choose to carry it over the 4-5 other brass bolt-action pens I own (Karas Bolt, Inventery Bolt, Boker Rocket, and others). I enjoy the natural patina it has acquired. I would never consider polishing it, so I guess I don't understand complaints about their pens looking dirty.
Here’s my Copper Tactile Turn next to the Inventery Brass Bolt Action that I just received. The two really compliment one another.

Got mine in!...and the bolt doesn’t work. Pen assembled or disassembled, the bolt doesn’t even make it a third of the way down. Feels gritty in the tiny amount of travel it does move.
Ink flows well, so at got that? I just have to disassemble the pen, and pull out the cartridge to use it.
Send me an email at will@tactileturn.com and I’ll take care of it.
I just got my pen today. The machining, the action are beautiful.
As a pen, it’s totally useless. I don’t know if I got a bad cartridge, but the ink doesn’t flow well at all and the ball doesn’t roll properly.
Where can I get a better cartridge for this?
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Joel, how did you get it open? I’m afraid of damaging the Copper finish. Thanks!
They just twist apart! I think the final machining is done assembled, so the seam is very hard to see. Kind of genius, actually
Still waiting for mine to arrive. Last update was 9/10 in frankfurt :o
Received the pen today, I ordered the stainless version. Slight machining problem, 1/10 the bolt get stuck midway It seem the cartridge grab on the inside. Tried to write with it, the ink is totally dry, tried it for 10min and got tired trying, won't write. Contacted support about these issue.
I just received mine in the mail yesterday and while I was not part of the Kickstarter but this most recent drop, mine has a "K" on the inside of the clip instead of the 2018 year marking that was discussed earlier. I got mine in the purple color, so I don't know if that had anything to do with it. Doesn't matter to me either way, I still love the pen.
Received the Copper one today. As a mechanical pen it’s quite impressive and sturdy.
However, the quality of the Copper is disappointing. It’s not nearly as Coppery as the model shown here. Kind of a dirty faded Copper even after touch up with some metal polish to remove the slight tarnish.
UPDATE: After some cleaning, it doesn’t look to bad. Here it is among the rest of my Copper collection.
Edit: Massdrop took care of this. Thanks!
Agreed. The pen’s construction is great, but it looks dirty out of the box. the hidden seam where the top and bottom of the pen connects together is no longer hidden, making the pen does not look as good as it should be. Contacted Massdrop support about this last Thursday 10/11, but no reply yet as of today.
Hey Will, I have one of your fist aluminum magnetic Kickstarter pen. I guess I'll join this one too.
Went for the Copper Slider.
Almost went for the Urban Survival Gear TiScribe-Bolt Pen (featured elsewhere here). But couldn't justify the $70 price of the Copper one.
I have one in brass. You're not missing anything.
I carry one of these every day. I've given a number of them to friends and family as gifts. They are nothing less than outstanding, highly recommended.
I have several Gliders and a Zirconium / Damascus Gist fountain pen that Will Hodges put together for me. A lot of pride and quality goes into these pens.
I still don't understand what the difference between the two models are. Is there a photo demonstrating the difference?
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Thank You! Would have made a lot of sense to include this among the pics here.
It also says that the slider fits into shirt pockets better. I'm a tradie and bought a glider and fits fine in the high vis sort.
I carry one of these in brass EVERY DAY, at work in my slacks and around town in my jeans. I have 5-6 other brass, bolt-action pens and this one is my favorite. It is easy to use (even for a lefty), is incredibly well-built, and WILL NOT come open in my pocket. I can't recommend it enough.
How much will shipping cost?


I just emailed one of the Massdrop people and hopefully they will get an orange on the main page.
Cool. Thought I'd point that out, do you have any pictures of the copper after some time at all?
Hey everybody - this is Will Hodges from Tactile Turn. We're excited to bring the Slider and Glider bolt action pens to Massdrop. These are designed by me and made in my shop in Richardson, Texas. We have some pretty sweet DMG Mori lathes and strive to make some awesome pens. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact me directly at will@tactileturn.com or ask away here and I'll try to answer any questions quickly.
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Will this have the [K] marking like the one for Kickstarter? Some of the individual pictures for the anodised colours looked like it had the [K] marking, but I was wondering if maybe those were just stock photos.
They won't have a K on the inside of the clip, it will be 2018 for the year of manufacture. The K's were only for Kickstarter and they are the stock photos. Thanks for asking!
Other than length specs and refill compatibility, I'm failing to see a physical distinction between the 2 designs, correct?
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Thank you for the clarification and opinion good sir!
I stopped by Will's shop this Saturday to pick up some pens and see them firsthand.
They are really nice pens and the amount of work and passion he has for these really shows in the craftsmanship.
To answer your question, they are the same pens but sized differently for the Parker-type and G2 type refills is all.