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If anyone is selling their Anemone set, hit me up on reddit. /u/nzox
SHIPPED!! i'm so excited! :3 :3 :3 :3 :3
Ordered Dec 27, 2017 and just got an email saying that these have shipped!
My Anemone came in last week. Tonight I finally had time to switch on the new key caps on my das keyboard. They look really good. The picture doesn't do it justice. The clownfish might have looked better with a black keyboard, but the Anemone were too exciting to pass up. Great value for the money. I might have to start rethinking my $100+ keycap purchases, because I could get a few of these sets for the same amount. (nah what am I saying, I'm just going to start buying the budget and high end).

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I ordered on Dec 24, 2017.
The feel is hard to compare because my nautilus keycaps are on red switches and these Anemone are on blue switches. I think dasKeyboard is a better board than the kit I bought and built. The actually nautilus keycaps have a richer deeper color than the Anemone caps. It also comes with a generic os key (which I like as a mac/linux user).
Received mine today. They're certainly not bad for the money. I forgot all about the lack of compatibility with non-standard board layouts, though - entirely my bad, of course.
So it says it'll ship by February 27, but I just got an email saying Massdrop's shipped it? Has Christmas come only slightly too late?
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Ahh ok that makes sense. I joined the drop right at the end. Guess I'll have to wait until March!
Yes, I already got them last week! People that bought them when they previously dropped got them quite a few weeks earlier than expected as well, it seemed.
Like if you got Clownfish because you didn't want to drop $200+ on GMK Yuri.
I hope the space bar fits my Poker3!
does this come full on keyboard or just the keycap that need to be put on my current keyboard?
just the keycaps mate
These are just the key caps.
Guessing this is a dumb question, but would it be possible to get an extra left shift cap?
I just ordered the Anemone. What a great deal for such a nice looking set. These are going on my Tina 60 when it comes in.
Got my Anemone set in the mail today. Absolutely love it! There was an extra keycap besides the Tai-Hao and Massdrop key which was a random number 7 with a rubberized texture on it - not sure what that was but I found it amusing.

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woah, looks great with your keyboard case, too! i ordered the same colors, seems like it looks gorgeous irl so i can't wait for mine to get here. i'm a newbie to mechanical keyboards, but i'm excited to start introducing my favorite colors to my computer set-up with these keycaps.
I’m a newbie to mech keyboards too this was my first keyboard! The keys are absolutely gorgeous and it’s a fun set up And pretty color combo. Though now I need some novelty keys for the four above my numpad! I can see how people get addicted to key caps and their keyboards for sure now.