Tai-Hao Mini Classics ABS Doubleshot Keycapssearch

Tai-Hao Mini Classics ABS Doubleshot Keycaps

Tai-Hao Mini Classics ABS Doubleshot Keycaps

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Got mine yesterday. Watch out for the spacebar. I'm not sure yet, but I think the molding lines on the furthest sockets that contact the MX stabs make a loud click. I'm using Zealio 67g but my spacebar now sounds like MX blues. I put my old (Maxkey translucent blank ABS) space-bar back on and it's quiet again. Going to see if o-rings help.
Just got my order in, overall really happy with these keys. However, I got an extra D key and not a G one...I'll be contacting support for help! Needs additional review on quality control before being shipped out!
And no single G can be replaced :(
do these come in back lit style?
Hmm, British/Mini auto-inspired but no deep British Racing Green? That would be nice, next time...
I totally agree we need to have a dark green
Does anyone know what type of keycap puller is included? Is it the plastic one or wire?
Plastic ring. Watch out, it scratches the caps.
Is there a 1.75 shift for a TADA68?
The pictued layout is the only option
Why don't people run these sets in Tai-Hao's Cubic profile?
+1 for Cubic, it's a great profile.
This is the same price as the Tai-hao shop, if not more.

Yup, seems to be the same price. Only with the shipping could one end up saving a few dollars.
Can you swap the y and z cap To get a Qwertz-Layout? Or are the caps in different shapes each row?
You can't swap them. They are shaped differently.
How long does it take to ship to Canada? My order said shipped Dec 1st and estimated delivery date of 12/12. Who do I contact about where my order went?
I really do like them after a bit of tweaking the LED's. Had to bring the brightness down a bit to not expose the molding inside.

CM MasterKeys TKL

Why did this key come in black? It was supposed to be red according to the images for the baby blue set.

Did anyone get theirs in red like it was shown in the image?
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cca310 greate so the color is random and they didnt tell us. I was actually hoping for the red one to use with my set, the random colors dont even fit with the set.
I don't really understand its purpose anyway.