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Tai-Hao Paradise Backlit Keycap Set

Tai-Hao Paradise Backlit Keycap Set

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Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Is there anyway we can get this drop before monday I leave for bootcamp monday and I would like both of the Paradise sets PLS massdrop
Anyone have an extra Mermaid's Kiss (purple) numpad "+" plus extended size? I got a 1800 Cherry set for my Kira but realized it's missing that large numpad plus.
Does miami color match the ninja 58 air mouse?
Does anyone know what keyboard they’re demoing this set on? I’m in the market for a good rgb keyboard.
Thats the massdrop ctrl, its a keyboard made by massdrop
which colorway is which, is baby miami da blue one ???\
Baby miami is the pink with light blue keycaps
no iso-de layout? oof
I'm really interested in this, but I don't like how rigid the sets are. I'd like to be able to buy a base kit plus child kits like in other keycap drops.
Does this fit the shorter right shift key on the massdrop alt?
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I got the 87 key set? Will everything fit properly on my ducky O2M or Ducky Maya Pro?
Yes for both.
10 dollar iso what a ripoff,its actually disgusting,massdrop or whoever charged this is like the new Apple.
This 10$ ISO tax is stupid
What was the ISO, I didn't click it on the option?
ISO is a layout standard that most of the world uses for keyboards (Not-USA). It can be recognized by it's smaller left shift key, and it's larger, double row Enter/Return key.
Do you have any idea on when these will be back in stock?
Also wondering this!
Do this fit a Redragon Kumara K552
Yes, they will fit.
Do these caps fit on the Ducky One 2 Mini?
Arrived new years eve. Absolutely gorgeous keycaps. Matched the lighting to go with the keys.

When did you order it?
last drop was around beginning of Dec. I think.
I need these
Mine arrived - I love the colours (as does my daughter)! Made a mistake though - ordered the wrong set and now I am 5 keycaps short to cover my Poker 3. Any idea where I can source individual caps in this set now? Either a third party or I'd be willing to pay if someone has some spare (looking for a few bottom row keys and the standard size right hand shift).

I'm 99.9% sure you will not be able to find those specific keys your need. That is because keycap set manufacturers typically use vendors like Massdrop, mechanicalkeyboards, WASD, etc. And because people wanting to buy a single keycap from a specific set is very rare and not profitable. WASD does have blank single keys in various colors if you want to check them out. Just make sure to buy the correct unit size and profile
I feared as much - thanks for taking the time to reply anyway.
Who do I contact ? in regards of a couple of keycaps falling off the Switches when I press the F1 key for example
Do you have any pictures of the caps and switches? A video will be helpful also. But contact Massdrop customer service.
I really want these keycaps to come back soon!!!
I hope y'all restock Baby Miami 104 soon! It's a really cute set
Sad to see 87 and 104 sold out. These are pretty and look great on the ctrl.
I decided to go for the mermaids kiss set, love the purple look! Also they are pretty affordable to be able to get compared to some different pbt keycaps I have been looking at.
Nooo, the Baby Miami 104 are sold out :(
That's what I initially said then I actually think I really like the Mermaids Kiss ones better. The pink was a bit too light for me. I am sure that these will drop again in the future, they have been really popular.
Does the 67-key set include 1u ALT/FN/CTRL keys? It doesn't look like it does from the layout pic but wanted to confirm.
Will these fit the ducky one 2 mini
Yes, I would believe so you should be fine
Will the Baby Miami 87 restock?
I hope so! Where do these keycaps come from?
do these keycaps fit on an anne pro 2?
I have an anne pro 2 as well. We would be missing the fn2 key and would need a longer right shift keycap. =(
You'd need to get the 87 layout for it to fit I believe. You're just gonna end up with some extra keycaps.
I hope this drop will come back with 87 keys...i was gonna get it but found out theyre out of stock...
Just get the 104 and discard the extra num pad keys
What does 3 days left mean..?
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Thanks :)))
You're welcome! :)
Also will this drop be available elsewhere after it ends and ships?
I hope so
Damn, anyone know if more 87's will get added?