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Love these keycaps! They look and feel great. I only wish that the \backslash key was in Cement, and that there was a "Fn" key (using the extra Win for now). There are small imperfections from the molding on the back side of every key (see picture below). These marks don't bother me because they are not visible when using the keyboard.
Also, did anyone else receive a Tai-Hao rubberized key extra in the box? How did they know I was curious about how these felt?! I like it. Massdrop should drop the set of 8 of these instead of the set of 18 available now. I would order that.
Just got mine, look and feels great but the warping on the left shift and the spacebar makes them stick down so that sucks I'm probably going to have to return mine.
Just got mine installed and they feel and look awesome! Look great with my Das Keyboard!!

**Not the best photo I have ever taken of computer parts but it does look good :)**
How do I always miss the Slate/Lilac Onyx/Onyx! Damn it! Guess I'll wait until these come up again. Crap!
Do these fit a 60% New Poker II?, I feel like I need a flowchart with all the sizes/layouts
Yes they will
I would buy these if they offered a 64-key kit.
Anyone knows if this works with the Ducky One RGB TKL? I was wondering how these would look with RGB lighting
They aren't translucent plastic. So if you're asking if it will light up the letters then no, but it will still backlight your keyboard. The light just won't pass through the caps if you get what I mean.
they are not see through, if you want something that translucent you will not find it on this set.
Dose this come in a UK layout?
nope, sorry.
If they'd just make 1.75u shift keys..

Still at least with the cubic sets they're starting to offer extra kits
You can order them from their site
I'd pick this up in a heartbeat if they had ISO keys :/
I keep forgetting that Taihao makes pbt double shots
Mine arrived on Thursday. I like them… they do have a SNES vibe that is quirky yet professional. All the caps fit, no weird fitting or molding issues. I don't have any "sticky" issues as some people reported.
Care to share some pics?
I would love to see a 104 or 108 piece set of double-shot PBT keycaps with black bodies and neon green, neon red, neon yellow, neon blue or neon orange characters. I just recently came to the decision that I'd like to replace the keycaps on my otherwise nice Rosewill Cherry MX mechanical keyboard. What is a good brand/model? Are Tai-Hao good? I don't need esoteric high quality - it's just a Rosewill after all. But I would like PBT as the ABS on the Rosewill keycaps got shiny and the characters (legend?) have already faded quite a bit.