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Tascam DP-24SD Digital Studio

Tascam DP-24SD Digital Studio

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Tascam is known for their portable mixers. I'm actually a bit giddy right now and hope Massdrop starts selling synths and instruments! Maybe a Massdrop Eurorack module! Massdrop if you want a hit for mixers, get us an inexpensive mixer with motorized faders. I'd take a look at some of the Behringer models if we're looking for bargains and side step the mixer snobs (aka I only buy Allen Heath).
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I missed out on the drop for Ultranovas.
And the Moog.

I've handled Behringer equipment a few years ago. And I'd prefer not to ever again if I can avoid it. I'll take Yamaha,
Mackie, or A&H over Behringer any day, yuck.
Thats the older Behringer. Have you looked at Behringers new synths? They sound amazing. Deepmind 12 and thier Neutron sound amazing and are original enough for me. I will stay away from their D clone though. In terms of their motorized mixers, the reviews are high if you dismiss the brandwhores.
"A complete digital studio solution" Lol

"The built-in sound mixer has everything you need for professional sound-mixing, including EQ, Reverb, amp-simulation, and multi-band mastering effects"... ūüėārofl
Will this function as a sound card if connected to pc by USB (allowing input and output) or will I have to connect a dac?
Whoops. I was wrong. I'm not sure this thing even exposes USB audio. All I see is USB for talking to SD card when looking at manufacturer site.

It should, unless this is wildly different than every other digital mixer I've gotten my meathooks into. Everything'll probably default to channels 1 and 2. If you're on a mac, Loopback by Rogue Amoeba can be used to direct audio to specific channels with minimal trouble. No clue on Windows.
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