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TC Electronic Ditto Looper

TC Electronic Ditto Looper

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Just the Essentials

If you're in the market for a guitar looper, TC Electronic's Ditto is a no-frills option that's simple to learn and regarded as one of the best values on the market. Designed by guitarists for guitarists, the Ditto puts out 24-bit uncompressed high-quality audio for great sound in a tiny package.

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TC Electronic Ditto Looper

Feature Packed

Even at this entry-level price, you're not sacrificing audio quality. Ditto's dry-through approach keeps your sound in analog form and true bypass ensures zero loss of tone. With a generous 5-minute looping time and unlimited overdubs, the Ditto goes above and beyond to ensure your jamming sessions will never be hung out to dry. Featuring a loop level knob that lets you set the level of your loop and easy record, play, and layering options, TC Electronics designed a guitar looper that's a snap to pick up and learn. 

TC Electronic Ditto Looper

Demo Video


  • True bypass and Analog-Dry-Through
  • 5 minutes of looping
  • Undo / Redo function
  • Unlimited overdubs
  • 24-bit uncompressed high-quality audio
  • Ultra-small footprint, requires 9V DC adapter (sold separately)*


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