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Teac LPR550 USB

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Buy a vintage 1970s dual on ebay for half this price with better sound quality.
Turntables like this tend to do a nice job of tearing up your records while they make them not sound good :/.
Lets take a moment and appreciate that there is a cassette player on it.
I can't see this being a very successful drop.
The voting on Massdrop is useful for expressing interest in a product or class of products, but the site is primarily a curated group buy site. The problem with a product like this is not that is wasn't voted on, but that it's craptastic for a curated product. Good curation mean killer taste--and you can't dilute the selections with dross.
Oh god, someone bought one. Why?!
i'll admit i was interested in just having an all-in-one type thing in my room but reading reviews about it pretty much breaking turned me away
I wish this had an alarm clock that could be set to wake you up to an lp or 45..
and that it was about $250 less expensive.
jeez why is everyone so up in arms about this one?
Seriously - WHO voted for this? Come on Massdrop - Fess up! You just stuck this here with no votes!!!!
You are right, the "voting" is a joke here. Less than 10% of items are listed because of "voting".

The "voting" exists so as to drive traffic which in turn pumps up some flavor-of-the-month "e-commerce business metric". Then it can be morphed into a beautiful chart (demonstrating the "popularity" of the site), to be presented to investors.

Massdrop is now a "sort-of discounted" retailer pretending to be a group-buy site.

Back to the product. IF it's a high quality item, some of us may have some use with it. But it appears to be terrible. Just read the 1 star comments on Amazon.
You missed your chance to buy it before Sharper Image filed for bankruptcy, you had the flu the week they were on sale at Sears, and your internet was out the day these popped up on Woot! No need to be one of the losers vainly hoping to snag one at RadioShack on Black Friday--it's here at MassDrop...now.
How is this in the Audiophile category?
It's not in an audiophile category. This looks very similar to the Crosley, Ion Audio, etc - cheap plastic garbage that looks retro but it's really crap.


If you want a turntable, you can get a decent used Dual/Technics/Ad Infinitum table for around $100. They made need some work sometimes but they won't damage your records and should still sound great. For the money you're paying here you could step up to an entry level Pro-Ject table which is so far ahead of this there's no comparison at all.

You couldnt pay me to use that thing
This looks terrible...
Who built the time machine and how did Massdrop get a hold of it?

So many questions. So inexplicable the answers. Audiophile? Not even from the era this thing might be appropriate in. MSRP $499? More expensive than buying better used gear off ebay, shipping included. Best deal $299? For what looks to be construction so cheap even the Chinese might be embarrassed to sell it. Rear ins/outs no different than the era the music formats in question came from? Couldn't a time machine have been used for a higher purpose? Stop Hitler? Stop Stalin? Stop disco? Or at least bell bottom pants?

I could *almost* see buying this for irony ... for like $50. As long as someone else did it. The flashbacks alone would preclude me from making such a purchase. I'd wake up and panic, wondering if I'd run out of acne cream, or whether I'd forgotten if I had a quiz today, or if I had enough spare change for a pack of smokes. Remember when people smoked? Yeah ... It was about the time this little ditty would have seemed at home in. Which was not this millennia.

Does have a remote. +1.
absolutely disgusting
Looks rather cheap and potentially damaging for your vinyl. $339? I suspect this one is best left alone.
Not a great record player. No way to change the cart to a different brand and you can only use TEAC stylus. This will cause undue wear and tear on records due to the weight of the ceramic cartridge. No Bueno MD.