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TEAC TN-200 Turntable

TEAC TN-200 Turntable

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Belt-Drive Turntable with USB

New from one of Japan’s best-known hi-fi brands, the TEAC TN-200 captures every detail of your vinyl without breaking the bank. This entry-level turntable’s built-in preamp provides line outs and a USB out for compatibility with virtually any system. Connect the USB to your PC or Mac to make digital copies of your records and add your collection to your mobile playlist.

TEAC TN-200 Turntable
TEAC TN-200 Turntable
TEAC TN-200 Turntable

Clean Look, Clean Sound

The belt-drive deck—fitted with a high-performance moving magnet cartridge—reduces vibration for better sound accuracy than its direct-drive competitors. The aluminum die-cast platter features an anti-skating design, while the static balanced tonearm ensures crisp playback. Finished in matte black, the turntable’s understated housing makes it a handsome addition to any room.

TEAC TN-200 Turntable
TEAC TN-200 Turntable
TEAC TN-200 Turntable
TEAC TN-200 Turntable


  • TEAC
  • Belt-drive motor
  • Built-in preamp with line outs and USB out
  • Dense composite wood construction
  • Aluminum die-cast platter
  • Anti-skating design
  • High-performance MM (moving magnet) cartridge
  • Static balanced tonearm


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