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TEAC TN-400S Turntable

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Is it with cover?
Wish MD would drop decent turntables I'd pull the trigger on some Pioneer plx 1000s in a heartbeat. Belt drive just... Yeah...
Haha why would anyone ever want to get this belt drive shit instead of a technics 1200?
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Uhm, you didnt answer the question?
A used 1200 is miles better than this crap

Edit: and in the same priceclass
Don't feed the troll.
78 RPM's too! YEAH! I have so many vintage 78's that I want to play and archive!
. 2% wow flutter for a $400 turntable? That's a sick joke.
Kind of the norm these days. The days of 0.015% wow and flutter at reasonable price points are mostly gone.
OK... oddball question I doubt will have an answer from anyone with direct experience, but here goes:

Which is a better choice for 78rpm playback... the Teac TN-400 or Audio Technica LP120?

I've got stacks of inherited 78s that I would love to be able to play. I have a good main turntable for LP playback (MMF-5), so this will be a secondary table in another room. Yes, I know I'll need a separate cartridge and will probably buy a second headshell for whichever table I choose. Nice that the Teac comes with the AT100E for LP playback.

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I like wood as well, it would go great in my living room! The AT styling is also quite retro in my view, but the wood is definitely prettier.
I ended up going with the LP120 as well, and have been pleasantly surprised by the build quality and features. Since I bought it primary for 78 RPM, the fast start up and braking of the direct drive are welcome characteristics. The reviews also swayed me to the LP120.
Are there any other TT around with a black walnut finish? I prefer actual wood. This one seems to have mixed reviews and I don't really mind spending more.
Check out Music Direct and Needle Doctor, Project TT, Music Hall and Rega are all better than Teac, belt drive is quieter. Demo turntables should also be considered. The wood finish is vinyl made to look like wood.
Opinions seems to vary greatly on this unit. "Audiophiles" seem to regard the specs as sub-par for the price point.

Hoping to see what others think. I've been looking to get back into TT at around the $500 pricepoint for both TT and stylus....
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What you are paying for here is definitely aesthetics first. Don't get me wrong, this absolutely is not a bad turntable, surely not as bad as some folks like to make it seem.

The Good: The looks, clearly. Not my style personally, but I totally see the draw. It has a nice retro vibe and is honestly quite clean and classy looking. Overall features are pretty good depending on what you want.

The Meh: Pretty much everything else. Nothing is horrible, yet nothing is outstanding for the price range. The needle, the motor, the platter, all very meh.

On a side note, having a USB output on a turntable is never worth it. Yeah, converting vinyl can be really great, but I'd ALWAYS recommend just getting an external interface, even a cheap $20-$20 like the Behringer U-Phono interface (because this will still be just as good as what they are putting in turntables and you don't pay the markup for having one stuck in your TT, plus you can convert other sources as well with an external..)

Better alternative within +/- $100: Pro-Ject Debut III, Pro-Ject Carbon (very good option), AT-LP120, Onkyo CP-1050 Direct-Drive TT, U-Turn Orbit Plus.

It all just comes down to what is really important for you. Being a decent turntable, I think many casual users will really be able to love this. If you really want to start getting picky about audio quality and precise playback I'd probably go with another option.
Thanks for the comments, everyone. Someone made me a deal I could not refuse on a TEAC TN-550 (like - almost 1/2 price) - so I went with that.
This or Audio-Technica??? belt drive vs. direct drive? three hundred and twenty nine ninetynine vs two hundred ninetynine,ninetynine lol...........
So I have the step down TN-300 I went with the TEAC as the AT has built in RCA cables so if say one of my cats decided to chew up the cords... Not that that EVER happens.. But you know if it did... That was my main consideration when choosing between the two other than looks. Both have decent reviews for the price and similar features.
The At 120 and 60 get alot of good reviews. A company named LP gear will upgrade the needle and belt for a very reasonable price and they have a great return policy.
What's the sound quality on these?