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TEC Accessories EDC Kit

TEC Accessories EDC Kit

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Organize your EDCs

The worst part of a toolbox is that it’s never there when you need it. Unless you’re a contractor with a tool belt or stay at home at all times, it’s a safe bet you’ve needed a particular instrument or keys, leaving you in the lurch at best, stranded at worst. With the trio of pocket tools in the TEC Accessories EDC Kit, including a ruler, clip, and glow fob, you’ll never find yourself in need without a nearby remedy.

Note: There is a limited quantity of 500 kits

TEC Accessories EDC Kit

Quickly Change Your EDCs

Centered around a durable key ring, each tool is individually clipped using the Python Clip, 28mm, letting you keep the band together or split them apart if need be. The TEC-S3 Glow Fob is made of a stainless steel shell and acrylic tubing, charging up when exposed to light and emanating a green glimmer during the night. It’s the perfect way to find the set, no matter the time of day, or a convenient addition to a jacket or backpack zipper.

TEC Accessories EDC Kit

Let Me Be Your Ruler

For the ruler, you have your choice of the Inchworm or the Centipede, coming in inches and centimeters respectively during the checkout process. Made of 6Al-4V grade titanium, the convenient measuring tool displays each increment with integrated grooves and can double as a collar bone crusher if the opportunity arises. Topping it all off, the P-7 Suspension Clip attaches easily to multi-function key fobs or any other instrument bulging out of your pockets. If you’re serious about the stuff you stick in your pants, you need TEC Accessories EDC Kit to keep everything straight.

TEC Accessories EDC Kit

Kit Includes

  • 1 x Inchworm or Centipede ($21 MSRP)
  • 1 x P-7 Suspension Clip ($12 MSRP)
  • 1 x TEC-S3 Glow Fob ($23 MSRP)
  • 3 x Python Clips, 28mm, 303 series stainless steel ($15.75 MSRP)
  • 1 x Split ring kit #1 ($3 MSRP)



  • 6Al-4V Titanium
  • Diameter: 3/16”
  • Length: 3-3/8”
  • Weight: 6.5g


  • 6Al-4V Titanium
  • Diameter: 4.76mm
  • Length: 88mm
  • Weight: 6.5g

P-7 Suspension Clip

  • Spring tempered stainless steel
  • 7mm wide x 39mm long
  • Length: 88mm
  • Weight: 3g

TEC-S3 Glow Fob

  • Outside Diameter: 9.0 mm [0.35"]
  • Overall Length: 40.0 mm [1.58"]
  • Internal Glow Pellet material: Clear acrylic
  • Glow powder: strontium aluminate (mixed with resin)
  • Pellet's Outside Diameter: 6.35 mm [1/4"]
  • Pellet's Overall Length: 28.6 mm [1-1/8"]
  • 11.1 mm [7/16"] diameter split ring included

Python Clip, 28mm

  • Overall size: 28mm [1.10"] long x 10mm [0.39"] tall x 2.70mm [0.10"] wide (wire gate is 7.20mm [0.28"] at its widest point)
  • The gated area can be used with split rings with an inside diameter as small as 3.6mm [0.14"]
  • Split ring attachment hole: 3.1mm [0.12"]
  • Inside gate width: approximately 5.2mm [0.20"]
  • Weight: 2.4 Grams [0.08 oz]


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