Technics SL-1210Mk5 Turntable
Technics SL-1210Mk5 Turntable

Precision for the Home or Stage

Whether you’re an audio enthusiast, a professional DJ, or an LP collector archiving to digital, the Panasonic Technics SL-1210Mk5 Turntable has the precision you need to get the job done. Outfitted with a diecast aluminum cabinet, heavy rubber base material, and a highly sensitive low-mass tonearm, it delivers precise tracking, unwavering drive speed, and extremely low rumble. And with brushed steel hardware and a metallic black finish, it looks just as good as it sounds.

Note: This drop is limited to 20 units.

Technics SL-1210Mk5 Turntable

Quick Start, Great Sound

With the built-to-last construction of earlier Technics models, the SL-1210Mk5 has a few extras tailor-made for spinning vinyl. The pitch control is a smooth, quartz-locked, non-click slider with continuous pitch adjustment, so you can instantly reset to zero at the touch of a button. Along with an adjustable electronic braking system, this turntable features a recessed power switch, a longer-lasting LED stylus light, and a high-torque motor for quick start-ups—0.07 seconds from stop to full speed.


  • Technics
  • Direct drive
  • Brushless DC motor
  • Diecast aluminum cabinet
  • Electronic braking system
  • Non-click pitch control
  • LED stylus light
  • Power supply: AC 120 V, 60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 13.5 W
  • Tonearm length: 9.1 in (23 cm)
  • Pitch adjustment: 8%
  • Speed: 33.3 rpm, 45 rpm
  • Starting torque: 1.3 lb/in (1.5 kg/cm)
  • Wow and flutter: 0.01% WRMS; 0.025 % WRMS (JIS C5521); +/- 0.035% peak (IEC 98A weighted)
  • Rumble: -56 dB (IEC 98A unweighted); -78 dB (IEC 98A weighted)
  • Dimensions, H x W x D: 6.8 x 17.8 x 13 in (17.2 x 45.3 x 33.1 cm )
  • Weight: 26.5 lbs (12 kg)


  • Dust cover
  • Slip mat
  • User manual


Domestic orders will be shipped by the vendor.

Estimated ship date is Dec 14, 2015 PT.

After the drop ends, payment will be collected. To deliver the best value to the group the request will then be submitted to the vendor up front, making all sales final. Be sure to check the discussion page for updates.