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It’s taken at least 24 hours but I did receive a response to my inquiries. I relutantly decided to try an exchange since there was inventory available at the time of my request. Received replacement yesterday, so far so good. No cracks or leaks. Coffee is noticeably hotter but l‘m no coffee expert... the coffee taste fine but since I’ve been using a $4.00 Mr. Coffee purchased at “Dirt Cheap” for the past 7 years I did not really notice an outstanding difference. I was just happy it arrived undamaged. I had no problem with customer service. Return label sent via email and FedEx shipping was fine. Unless quality control improves I’m not sure this is worth the hassle of damaged merchandise and the time and effort of returning item for refund or replacement. I was not the only one that received a damaged product.
Well. After waiting far too long to receive this drop, I finally got the Moccamaster in the mail. Beyond excited, I opened up the box, and behold..NO CARAFE. With a massive group coming for the holidays I now have to use a lovely oversized mason jar to brew coffee into. I wish Massdrop support would take these things a little more seriously and expedite a fix when things are clearly broken or missing. I seriously should have just spent the extra few bucks and bought it on Amazon where returns are never an issue. Lesson learned.
Same thing happened to mine, dripped from several spots, from the glass container and maybe from the inside plumbing as well. I sent pictures but haven’t received any messages from the team since Friday.

My reservoir is cracked also. Got water dripped all over my counter....

I have the same issue, have you heard anything yet? Thanks
Yeah they sent me a return label for a refund since they have no extra inventory for exchanges.
My wife is concerned about not being able to clean the internal water reservoir, where the heating element is. From reading older post I see that there is some concern about this. One post mentioned turning the machine on it’s side and water drained out.... not the most sanitary design, reusing old water unless the designers planed on the water reheating to a high enough temp to make this a mute point.
Just sent coffee maker back for refund. Not sure if I would trust chancing an exchange. Has anyone tried that? Seems like I’m not the only one who’s received damaged merchandise. No guarantee an exchange would fair any better.
Latest email from Massdrop concerning defective coffee maker :

Thanks for reaching out to Massdrop Community Support. I'm sorry that your product arrived that way. I am forwarding your case over to our Returns team to better assist you.

They'll be in touch just as soon as they can. We thank you for your patience. If you have any other concerns or additional information to provide, feel free to reply to this email and they'll follow-up with you once they've had a chance to review your case.
Happy Holidays,

I would be glad to get one that was cancelled
Just received mine but the water reservoir is cracked and leaking water. Anyone else?

Edit: Spoke with a rep and opted for the replacement. Will update again once received.

**A little upsetting to see quite a few others with the same issue**
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JOLT, I’m not sure which brew basket we are suppose to get with this model. I’m just referring to the picture on page 7 in manual.
Ok, looks like the CDGT model we received does not come with the manual three position brew basket, just the automatic which is what I received. So, based on that it looks like everything is in order.
I requested a refund on Sunday after receiving the notice of a delayed shipment. By Sunday night, I received an Email from
Massdrop saying my refund was completed and I should have my funds within one to three days. Kudos to Massdrop on my request. My money was redeposited into my account on the third day as promised and Massdrop staff work on a Sunday. I would not hesitate to buy from Massdrop again.
Well good news, I received an update promptly from customer service stating my order is being prepared and will ship shortly. Not long after that I got my email stating it had shipped via FedEx with tracking number. I'm a happy camper. Hopefully this is the same for the rest of you.
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Thanks for the heads up. That's really terrible and I'm sorry to to see that yours was damaged. I checked mine just a little while ago to make sure it was okay and noticed that the box for shipping just has two small pieces of bubble filling to take up the space between the internal product box and the shipping box; however, even with such light protection the shipping box had no signs of abuse or damage and the same held true for the internal product box. I examined all the external parts/pieces to see if there was any visible sign of damage such as yours, and fortunately everything looked "ok". I will fire it up shortly and go through the brew process and see how everything functions. Hopefully it will work properly, but if not I will post back with any problems. Thanks for letting us know so we can be aware. Hopefully you will get a proper replacement without too much delay.
Thanks for the update... My packing box was fine. In fact it was packed adequately for shipping. No damage to shipping box or the coffee maker box that was inside. That’s what is confusing. Appears vendor unloaded some defective merchandise. Good luck with yours.
It would be nice to receive this before Christmas, which I originally anticipated considering the ship date. Don't know at this point though. Also, this is a significant purchase even at the reduced price point. Sure I could request a refund, but that's beside the point. The point is we all joined this drop with an expectation of receiving the product as conveyed by the terms and as such, it's not too much to ask that we be kept apprised of the situation. I'm sharing my recent inquiry sent to customer support today. Hopefully they will have some details to share.
"So I received the email indicating the order would be delayed but simply put, to say that we'll be notified if the delay will be more than 30 days is not acceptable customer service. There are no details at all to understand why the delay, what the likely delay will be, when we will be notified if the delay will be more than 30 days, just nothing. This is the first time I've used Massdrop and it's not turning out to be a very good experience. This item is a premium product at a premium price, charged up front and yet no word other than a general form-letter email. The worst thing you can do to your customer base is leave them in the dark. I'm sure you must know that nothing can kill customer loyalty faster than hanging someone out to dry, regardless of the price, it's the principle that matters and that principle simply put is "SERVICE". In this case that comes down to communication, plain and simple. I can certainly guarantee one thing - if this turns out to be the type of service I can come to expect if using Massdrop, it will be the last time I participate. Please don't let that be the case, provide your customers with updates, no matter how basic just communicate at the very least. Silence is's better to over-communicate than to sit idly by."
I bought this as a gift for Christmas. Will this arrive in time?
Who knows. Same here. Very disappointed in the lack of real info from Massdrop.