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Telefunken Aqusta Headphones

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If anyone wants to sell their telefunkens LMK
Reporting. At this moment the Aqustas are being burnt-in as these need a lot of time.

I thank everyone joining this drop!
The fact that they say "restrostyled headphones" right on the cups is a bit tacky, isn't it?
That was intended. The designer's thoughts were to make it a bit gypsish and even a tiny bit grotesque.
I have got one long time ago and it is one of my favorite headphones! After I got them I sold my 712.

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Mind the tech, get dull furniture.
Excels gear.
I have both. The K712 pro is up for sale.
The colors and design make these look like they would be Tony Stark's father's headphones. I like how boldly weird they are, even if it's going to turn a lot of people off.
These headphones do sound great, I own a set, & if reading all of this discussion and other sites, those who heard or own them say this also. I admit buying them (from T o M) because they reminded me of Sennheiser HD1000 Charleston model, limited run of 1000 vintage sets back then.

Aqusta badged as Telefunken who also has woodied Audion model which is same as Feenix Aria (have that badge model). Telefunken badged Aqusta developed thru NIBOSA AB Sweden, made by Fischer Audio from Russia, made in China, like many headphones are now. FA makes some very fine headphones, have many of them; visit their site to see their fine products and wood cups too.

Aqusta normally sell on ebay & Amazon new for $300 to $335, but Touch of Modern last had them very recently at $125 plus $15 shipping to USA, for $140 total. That sale repeats often, just as others have also said here.

Foto of classic vintage Sennheiser-

clic on foto for close-up zoom.

They look like someone hired a Ugly hairdresser in her 60's, drives a beat up miata, and recently got divorced to her 4th husband.
But how do these sound though?
Well I think these are really cool looking. You guys have boring taste.
Really massdrop? LoL
My reserch says this is low quality and abuse of a old good brand name. Its also available on other sites for around 100 bucks
I just took these to a head fi meet in PA a couple of weeks ago. Everyone asked what the hell are those. Everyone who listened to them were like ”wow, these are hood.” I gave my extra pair yo Zeos, who really liked them by the way, yo do a review. I guarantee, these will be respected in a short time and people will be chomping at the big to get them. I have Elears and find myself reaching for these more.
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I meant bit. Zeos should be reviewing these soon as I gave him my 2nd pair.

I know, the ‘hood’ part was just funny... new term of endearment for fugly cans that still sound good. Just no damn BeatOffs or EarTampons (AirPods) allowed.
I like the specs.... 32 ohm +- 15% .. like, you name it ! :D
The shows up on Touch of several Times a year
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Oh, they are good!
I was looking at them every time they would come up at ToMo in the past two years and did not buy.
Nobody was buying them. The 'sold out' sign at ToMo just indicates the sale is over for this particular item, not that the item really was sold out.