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Tenkara Rod Co. Teton Package

Tenkara Rod Co. Teton Package

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Wondering from owners of this rod and others if they feel it’d be a good buy for starters. I’ve never even fly fished before but backpack, portage and fish a lot so when I came across Tenkara I thought it may be a good route for me.
Tenkara Rod Company rocks! Any interaction I've had with them has been great. I'm buying this package to replace two rods that were stolen out of my truck several months back. Sad, sad day. :(
But now I can be happy again!!!!
When I did not receive line clips, I contacted Tenkara Rod Co. to alert them to the issue. They responded that this package DOES NOT come with the advertised line clips. This is identical to the Teton package from the Tenkara Rod Co. website. They said that they have informed Massdrop of the error, and I infer that Massdrop has not changed the description to be accurate.

All that said, I'm very, very happy with this package. I received it earlier than expected and everything was in great shape. I've landed my first tenkara trout already, along with several small bass, chub, and panfish.
They still advertise the clips. You’d think they would fix that by now.
Flashman $110. Well, $117.74 after everything.
Can someone post what this rod went for on massdrop? I missed it, just noticed it but will keep an eye out if they run it again, but wondering the price? Thanks
The drop was limited to 70 and it looks like it filled up. That's why it closed.
Yeah, I was going in on this drop and went to check the specs on the Teton vs. the Sawtooth and some other Tenkara rods. All of the sudden the drop went inactive.
What the heck happened? I just came back to join!!
What! Did it get canceled? If so, why? Does that usually happen? I was going in on this drop. I've been waiting for this!
Whoa, what happened? Where'd the drop go? I was super excited about this...
Question MD?
picture has a rod tube but, you state, “This drop includes the Teton tenkara rod, line, line spool, 5x tippet, line clips, and three hand-tied flies.”

Do I get the case/ rod tube?
It is listed as including the 'Hardshell carrying case' - When I purchased mine I got the hard tube, I'm pretty sure that tube is standard.
Are the line clips shipping seperately? I did not receive any with my order.
I see that there are several discussions about the poor communitaction from MassDrop regarding issues with this item in the past, since I am new to MassDrop, should I be concerned?
nah... any issues people had were easily handled by Massdrop or us (tenkara rod co). You're covered either way!
I know this thread is old, but thanks for the reassurance. I intend to join this current drop.
Is the shipping included in the listed price? I don't see a separate shipping charge listed.
Shipping is not included. To see shipping, add it to your cart and enter your shipping info. You can cancel the purchase at that time if the price isn't for you.
Is this for scratching your tetons?