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TEX Beetle Mechanical Keyboard

TEX Beetle Mechanical Keyboard

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Compact Size, Spectacular Design

The Beetle is a 60% layout mechanical keyboard from TEX, a small shop in Taiwan where quality is the top priority. What makes a quality keyboard? Solid construction, full functionality, and superior design. From its calculated dimensions to build materials and feature set, the Beetle by TEX is a choice example for all three criteria.

TEX Beetle Mechanical Keyboard

Solid Construction

This keyboard has a solid aluminum top plate, framing your keyboard with one of the most solid and attractive materials available in electronics manufacturing. The plate's surface features a horizontal brush pattern while the sides and bottom are flat anodized. TEX opted to plate mount their Cherry MX switches for greater longevity and improved typing feel. Even the included USB cable is high quality with custom TEX branding, right angled connector, and a TEX branded Velcro cable tie.

TEX Beetle Mechanical Keyboard

Full Functionality

TEX made this keyboard with a space saving 60% layout. That means your keyboard comes without a numpad, delete cluster, or function row. TEX removed the keys but kept the functionality by shifting those buttons onto a separate programming layer in the keyboard. Need to press F5? Hold down one of the two TEX modifier keys and press "5". In addition to that, they've also mapped driver free volume controls into the keyboard along with five switch keys. Those switch keys let you do things like swap the Windows/TEX keys (for Mac users), swap CTRL/Caps Lock (for eMacs fans), and lock the Windows key (for gamers).

TEX Beetle Mechanical Keyboard

Superior Design

We deal with a lot of keyboards at Massdrop HQ. We've used WASD, KBT, Ducky, CoolerMaster, Razer, ErgoDox, and Logitech but this TEX keyboard is easily the most attractive. Aesthetics aren't the most important thing for many, but think about it this way. You spend hours in front of your computer and specs are great but at the end of the day you're either looking at your monitor or your keyboard. Speaking from experience, if you're looking at something every few minutes, it should be enjoyable to look at.

TEX Beetle Mechanical Keyboard


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