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I bought these and was disappointed with the overall build and quality. I think that the mee audio M6 pros I bought was a way better buy.
If anyone's curious about E5 comparisons to Shure 215, I like the livelier sound of the E5. Deeper bass, crisp highs. More V shaped sound in the E5. They are a bit bright, perhaps too bright for some people but I think it decreases a bit with age/burn in time. The only outstanding issue I have is the fit. Since they are metal they are heavy so you'll want to get them well seated in the ear and try the various included tips for the best fit or get aftermarket tips. The other thing is the two pin cables are a challenge to find with a mic. I like having the inline controls on the cable. Sites have them but it would be nice if someplace like amazon had a selection for quick delivery & swift returns if they aren't right for you. Overall a very good value.
got my Exclusive 5 on Saturday and i am using it for first time today at work... and it sounds great! BUT! right ear bud is making buzzing noise... i emailed Massdrop Support team but still no respond.
can you please help me to get replacement? i tried it on left ear cable and still making buzzing noise...
Anybody able to contact TFZ at all?
At 61 bucks shipped, I think it's worth joining to try out the Exclusive 5
Indeed, I was considering the Exclusive 3 but my OCD forced me to stay away from the missmatched Red->Left/Blue->Right coloring, so I had to get the E5. They're great, true bass cannons but with present mids and detailed highs.
my cable shorted after owning these for three or four months and it's very difficult to find a replacement, tfz doesn't seem to sell them. i found one on amazon made for kz headphones but they don't fit perfectly and the e5s fall out regularly. id stay away without a usable warranty
It's been about a month with Exclusive 5's and I haven't had any issues yet. They have a really good warm sound signature, which I prefer over "balanced." I've been using them as my everyday carry's and they're a big step up over the TFZ Series 2 I also got through Massdrop - they had started developing cable issues after a month or so but the cable seems of higher quality that came with the Exclusive 5's. I also have the Ostry KC07's and I can hear all the same things with both models, the Exclusive's are just more balanced to the lower end of the frequency spectrum. As long as they don't break (like I've been seeing in these comments and as I've experienced with the TFZ Series 2) then I'd say they're definitely worth the price, but be wary.
Based on build quality, these iems are not "worth it". Yes, Massdrop honored their Warranty and offered credit, but I ordered three Exclusive 5's and 2 out of 3 had issues. Think of the worst buds in the World and tell me if any have failure rates so high.

The right driver of one pair buzzed within a week. I got credit for that pair.

The second pair's cables got wrecked while another pair worked fine. Both were used lightly. Because the warranty was out, I had to salavage to cables from buzzing headphones to make 2 working headphones out of 3. But if these headphones went out to 3 different addresses, 2 out of 3 recepients are screwed.

The working headphones are nice with certain daps... but I can't think of any other consumer product in 2018 that is essentially a basket of lemons.
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Hence when the second one broke, I used it for parts.
OMG~ my right ear bud is making buzzing noise. i am using it for first time at work...

i really like the sound but questing TFZ Build Quality...

contacted Massdrop. still no answer yet. waiting waiting waiting....
Anyone know how to use the tfz warranty? I can't figure it out. A majority of their stuff is Chinese and massdrop won't help.

There's a card in the box that says warranty card but it doesn't say what it does or how to use it.
How do the Exclusive 5s compare to the ibasso IT01 and Fiio FH1? I really like the way the 5s look.
may I ask,are the exclusive series 1 good for opera? I also wonder if they're suitable for high pitches and are good in terms of bass as I'm in a budget,thank you
How do these relate in compariison to the KZ ZS6?
I own the KZ ZS5 v1 and TFZ Exclusive 5, so they're not exactly the same, but here's my two cents:

Both are v-shaped, but the TFZ E5 are more bass-focused while the KZ ZS5 have more treble. Soundstage on ZS5 is huge, on E5 is average. Bass and specially sub-bass are much deeper and stronger on the E5, these are truly bass cannons (bassheads delight). Mids on both are slightly recessed, but even more on the E5, but on the other hand the E5 have less sibilance. Highs are stronger and better on the ZS5, but somewhat piercing; on the E5 highs are bright too, but weaker.

Build quality is a clear win for the E5, aluminium housings and stock braided cable are way better than cheap housings & cables found on the ZS5. Comfort is also a big win for the E5, they're one of the most (if not THE most) comfortable IEM's I own (and I have around 20-30 pairs, most chi-fi budget), YMMV but I bet most people won't find the ZS5 housings comfortable (those sharp edges hurt my ears after a few minutes). The E5 are heavy, but sit comfortably on my ears and I can completely forget about them.

Price performance, ZS5 are the big deal, hands down. Also note that the actual version of the ZS5 you can buy are the v2, I read they have even more treble because they moved one of the BA drivers, so if you're treble sensitive and/or plan to listen to them for hours maybe you should skip the ZS5 and go for the slightly less piercing ZS6. Quick suggestion: buy some foam tips to replace the crappy stock tips on the ZS5/ZS6, they'll improve comfort, seal (better seal = better bass), and also tame the highs a little; a better reaplacement cable is also welcome, for less tangling, less microphonics and better comfort (the stock memory wire is pretty bad IMO).

Final note: did you read about the ZS10? I bought them on pre-release, mine came with wrong polarity (easy fix, connecting one of the wires in the opposite way), and they have a pretty interesting sound. Maybe they're worth the extra bucks, I have to listen to them for a while longer to tell by myself, but I can tell you they're good and way more comfy (for me & my big ear canals) than the ZS5.
So looks like the drop is delayed... I'm waiting on the drop for the king pros to ship too, should I cancel my exclusive 5 order?
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Just to update my "story"...

March 21st it arrives
Picked it up at the post office March 22 (today)...

so the whole shebang took almost 2 months from date of order...

Will give this a listen and see if the almost-60-days-waiting-period was worth it ;)

I already have the series 5 and 5s which I both love so I hope this doesn't disappoint.
Mine arrived on the 15th and I've been enjoying them although the mids can feel a bit muddy and low ends drop off without a proper seal. I'm glad I had some comply tips, but might need to experiment, the default tips were not great. I have also ordered a replacement cable from the venture cable drop to see if that makes a difference with the muddiness.

Vocals are a really unexpected treat on these iems they shine nicely.

They are quite heavy obviously as they're made of metal but build quality is solid. And can be easily driven by my lg v30. Have not tried them with my geekout v2 infinity plus yet but will likely do that soon.
I managed to wear out the cable on my TFZ Exclusive 5's, and though it's not drastic yet, it's clearly not going to get better. Does anyone know of a cable I can buy as a replacement?

Really would appreciate it. I've made a complain to the support but I don't see them helping.

Something like this should work:

Basically, you're looking for any 2-pin 0.78mm IEM cable (according to the specs listed here).
i got these, just for anyone else to know. the sound quality on these cables is really nice, but the production quality isnt as nice. My right headphone connection doesn't like to stay in place, which needless to say is a pain in the ass. I think that the cover design for these is a little long, so maybe ill have to physically cut it off for them to stay put. as cheap as it is, i guess ill live.