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Based on build quality, these iems are not "worth it". Yes, Massdrop honored their Warranty and offered credit, but I ordered three Exclusive 5's and 2 out of 3 had issues. Think of the worst buds in the World and tell me if any have failure rates so high.

The right driver of one pair buzzed within a week. I got credit for that pair.

The second pair's cables got wrecked while another pair worked fine. Both were used lightly. Because the warranty was out, I had to salavage to cables from buzzing headphones to make 2 working headphones out of 3. But if these headphones went out to 3 different addresses, 2 out of 3 recepients are screwed.

The working headphones are nice with certain daps... but I can't think of any other consumer product in 2018 that is essentially a basket of lemons.
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I contacted massdrop and basically their response was that their grace period for returns was already over, even though tfzither's is much longer. So basically they just said they can't help me for shit.
Hence when the second one broke, I used it for parts.
Anyone know how to use the tfz warranty? I can't figure it out. A majority of their stuff is Chinese and massdrop won't help.

There's a card in the box that says warranty card but it doesn't say what it does or how to use it.
How do the Exclusive 5s compare to the ibasso IT01 and Fiio FH1? I really like the way the 5s look.
may I ask,are the exclusive series 1 good for opera? I also wonder if they're suitable for high pitches and are good in terms of bass as I'm in a budget,thank you
How do these relate in compariison to the KZ ZS6?
So looks like the drop is delayed... I'm waiting on the drop for the king pros to ship too, should I cancel my exclusive 5 order?
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Just to update my "story"...

March 21st it arrives
Picked it up at the post office March 22 (today)...

so the whole shebang took almost 2 months from date of order...

Will give this a listen and see if the almost-60-days-waiting-period was worth it ;)

I already have the series 5 and 5s which I both love so I hope this doesn't disappoint.
Mine arrived on the 15th and I've been enjoying them although the mids can feel a bit muddy and low ends drop off without a proper seal. I'm glad I had some comply tips, but might need to experiment, the default tips were not great. I have also ordered a replacement cable from the venture cable drop to see if that makes a difference with the muddiness.

Vocals are a really unexpected treat on these iems they shine nicely.

They are quite heavy obviously as they're made of metal but build quality is solid. And can be easily driven by my lg v30. Have not tried them with my geekout v2 infinity plus yet but will likely do that soon.
I managed to wear out the cable on my TFZ Exclusive 5's, and though it's not drastic yet, it's clearly not going to get better. Does anyone know of a cable I can buy as a replacement?

Really would appreciate it. I've made a complain to the support but I don't see them helping.

Something like this should work:

Basically, you're looking for any 2-pin 0.78mm IEM cable (according to the specs listed here).
i got these, just for anyone else to know. the sound quality on these cables is really nice, but the production quality isnt as nice. My right headphone connection doesn't like to stay in place, which needless to say is a pain in the ass. I think that the cover design for these is a little long, so maybe ill have to physically cut it off for them to stay put. as cheap as it is, i guess ill live.
Hey, I wanted to put my input here because I bought these a few months ago. Recently as in these past few weeks my left IEM has started buzzing when getting into the lower ranges (ie bass) and it completely ruins the experience of music. I'll have to buy something else so please understand what you're buying -- Another note: This drop has NO warranty so after the 30 days you are on your own!
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YES YES YES. Not happy at all. Was initially happy with the sound quality, but the left one is all buzzy just like you are describing. Of help on this one. Very unpleased...not with the product but with the lack of post-purchase service.
Yes and they said I'm Shit Out of Luck. After 30 days you're on your own.
darn i missed the drop =.=
I need a cable with mic for the exclusive 5's. any suggestions?
Yes please!
I have a compare question regarding the Exclusive 5's and the Nuforce EDC IEM's. I already own the EDC IEM's, so is it really worth it for me to get the Exclusive 5's? Which one sounds better, to put it bluntly?

I've been saving up for a pair of the Nuforce HEM 2's or 4's for their BA Drivers, (found the Red HEM 2 brand new for $100/Shipped online and a used pair of the HEM 4 in good condition on eBay for $115 FWIW), mainly because I love that EDC sound, which is very clean and detailed IMO!

And on top of that, I have accessories from 2x EDC IEM's packages since I had a busted right IEM on my original pair, and Massdrop sent me a new package of the EDC's without sending the busted pair back to them, so kudos again to Massdrop 👍), and I wanted to take advantage of all of the Nuforce accessories that I now have and can use on their EDC/Dynamic IEM's and the whole HEM lineup, like that braided cable without the mic!

So if anyone has experience with both the EDC IEM's AND the TFZ Exclusive 5's, I'd love to hear from you 🎧 Should I grab another pair of $60 IEM's, or just save up for some nicer BA Drivers? I was also looking at Westone BA IEM's, but I'm kinda scared to use the MMCX connector's because of all the bad reviews I've read about those connector's online!

BTW, I'm mostly listening to HQ audience Recordings of shows/concerts that I make myself with HQ mics, cables, preamps and recorders. So ideally I want some IEM's that have a good balance throughout the spectrum (Lows>mids>highs) and a pretty neutral sound, yet still be musical sounding as well, with a good low-end Extension that decays quickly and isn't beats by Dre bass heavy😉!

My listening setup is as follows:

Sony Walkman NW-A35>Custom Right Angle 1/8" cable>FiiO E11K HP Amp>Nuforce EDC IEM's/Monster iSport Victory earbuds>Comply Isolation+ tips on both IEM's!

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me 😎😇

Brandon Bean Fisher
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Thanks for the info bro, much appreciated!

I've looked over the T2 pretty good, and I just have one question! Do you know which size eartips that the T2's are? I will only use Comply tips with Waxguard at this point in my life, and I can't find any info on the size of the T2 ear nozzle? My ears are a very strange design, in that the opening of my ear canal is huge (and my right ear is bigger than my left, at least with regards to the opening and ear canal), but the ear canal itself is very small! So I NEED Large size Comply tips. That's probably why NO silicone tips have EVER properly sealed my ears, and the reason I must use Comply tips from now on, FWIW 😎👍🎧 Since using the Comply tips, my EDC and iSport Victory IEM's/earbuds are a night and day difference compared to the POS silicone tips, with much better clarity and resolution and bass response!

So if you or anyone else knows which size the nozzle is of the T2, I'd really appreciate it! My Nuforce EDC IEM's are a size 100 (also the smallest size of any IEM's to my knowledge), and they are absolutely perfect for my ear canals! My Monster iSport Victory earbuds are a size 200, and even that is a bit big for my ears! Even with the isolation+ and comfort+ Comply tips, the 200's are almost too big! So I'd love to stay around a 100 size nozzle if possible! That's just another reason I love the Westone's too, because they're a size 100 just like my EDC IEM's are!

I was really interested in the FiiO F9/F9 Pro's, until I looked on the Comply website and noticed that they have massive size 500 tips. So without wasting my money on those, I can pretty much guarantee that they WON'T work for my ears! Which is a shame because they're hybrids, and have 2x BA Drivers, and 1x dynamic Driver, so those hybrids have me intrigued as hell too, since they're pretty much the best of both worlds!!!

And I'm still not sure what to buy honestly??? Not sure if I want to get the Nuforce HEM 2 QUICKLY, or wait until the next Nuforce Primo 8 drop for $150 for quad BA Drivers per ear, but have to wait a few months to get them? Or just buy another pair of $50 IEM's (T2's) and settle for a 3rd pair of dynamic drivers? Not knowing the T2 nozzle size, them being another pair of dynamic drivers, AND reading on Penon Audio that you have to MOD them and cover the one vent holes, to experience the low-end that they're loved for, has me looking at other options right now!

In the end, I might just save up for the Nuforce Primo 8's, which are quad BA Drivers, and just be done with it! I really don't need more than 3x pairs of IEM's, so I just want to make sure that whatever I get next, I'm going to LOVE 😉 Or I can just save up around $200 and buy the Primo 8 whenever I want to on eBay, since there seems to be an abundance of them on there brand new still sealed, for around $200 Exactly!

Sorry for the super long post too. I'm just really confused on which step i want to take next, and I want to make sure that whatever I end up buying, is frickin AWESOME and really reveals the little nuances of my HQ Recordings!

BTW, Here's a link to my last Recording that I made on NYE (with Schoeps mics and Cables and a new SD Mixpre6 recorder) 😎😀
Hey, let's go step by step:
- the Tin Audio T2 come with memory foam tips, Comply-like quality (I've bought some Comply tips in the past). The nozzle is 6mm wide according to Igor from Audiobudget (, if that's useful for you. The included tips are very similar in size than those I used on the Dunu Titan 1, not fully sure since I don't have both here to compare.
- Price is usually not strictly related to "liking" in the audio world, since audio is subjective and not everybody likes the same thing. So since you really want something that seems to be exactly what the T2 is, a very balanced IEM, I suggest you to get it, and given the price tag it's a low risk - high reward investment, worst case scenario you wasted under $50 on a solid IEM that you'll probably be able to sell online (or give away to some friend, whatever).
- I've been hearing your recording, cool sound! Good job :)