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I combined mine with the TRN bluetooth module and Wow! No loss in SQ or Bass and volume level goes high. $30. AptX Chippy, Chippy.

The sound signature leads to v-shape sound even though it's not really called that. I admit that this is not suitable for instrumental, orchestra, and rock songs. But for edm, hip hop, pop songs and vocal lovers are perfect. the upper and low mid positions are enough, but the middle mid should be slightly up, the effect is the instrument becomes slightly open, the mid sector is more forward, and the instrument separation is slightly better. Other frequencies don't need to be changed. I prefer the T2 Galaxy rather than the TFZ King (after a little tuning). TFZ King is too analytic, while T2 has a more dynamic and smooth sound. Comfortable to wear for a long time.
Just got mine, OMG. Sweet Bassy Jesus. Sorry TRN V80, you just got laid off.
...and they also look amazing in person.
Please, review this character and sound quality according to your knowledge, thanks..
which tips should i use? the large bore or the small bore
So these say they have a 0.78mm size for the cable will it work with kz 0.75mm cables?
It will not work on 0.75. I have already tried the same by buying from aliexpress
These don't have an inline mic or volume controls, do they?
No, but since the cable is replacable you could buy an aftermarket cable with it.
Ah, thank you
How long is the average wait time for these in the US? Ordering off Amazon would take weeks because they're coming from China
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Yea! I was going to contact the seller to see if they will "Price Match" sort of. Hope you get a pair! =D
I'm curious to know how that works out for you. Good luck!
Can the TFZ T2 be called the best All-Rounder IEM below the $ 60 price range? Is it said to be feasible? What is the reason?
Upgraded from the TFZ Series 1s, really appreciate the build quality improvements, the detachable cable and the great packaging. Could really hang with your big buck manufactured IEMs in the next electronic store. Sound quality is dependant on your taste. These make an emphasis on bass, with the upper-mids getting a slight boost. Treble is a bit laid back, shouldn't be sibilant to most. Works well with electronic and hip-hop. Overall really nice for the price, the presentation alone would be worth the buy. Keep doing what you're doing TFZ!
These or the TRN V80 IEM's? I would like a mini-comparison if someone is knowledgeable about either pair. I am new to IEM's.
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Rap/hip hop is exhausting no matter you're listening through. 😀
I own executive 5's, will I feel that these will be too much of a downgrade? Are sound signatures similar?
Have been using these for a few days now. Needed to fiddle with tips for a while, and ended up using Comply foam tips. For some reason with every silicone tip pair the sound was bass-light (we can't have that!) which often gives a feel of boxy sharp'ish treble. Foam tips give good sound isolation and VERY NICE bass. Me likes! Compared to multi-BA IEMs I have these have a bit 'polite', not über-revealing sound, which is just perfect for listening to music while working in the office. The only thing I dislike is the 3,5mm straight plug, wish it has 90 degree angle. Minor thing, will probably get a bluetooth cable for gym use anyway.
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Sorry, can't remember. I'm using Comply's that came with my UE800. Not sure if this is totally true but it seems that there are roughly two bore sizes: the smaller of roughly 2 mm (like Massdrop EDC) and the larger of roughly 4 mm like the TFZ here. I've managed to squeeze, sometimes with a bit of force, good tips on every IEM I have. Typically that is a SpinFit silicone - love those.
What model fits from comply foam?
Does anyone use them for running or gym?
These will be my first IEM's. I tried a bunch of different in-ears in the years. I hope this is a good entry level pair.
How do these compare to the TFZ King II?
How are these compared to the Shure SE215s?
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I'm new to IEMs so I didn't know this.
I meant reviewers who bring them up every other month and talk about how great they are for sub $100, not you. You are cool buddy
Tin t2 vs this, which would be better for female vocals?
Tinaudio t2,trn v80,tfz s2,shozy hibiki mk2 and this one tfz t2. Which one would be the better sounding iem with adequate bass among them?
I know the v80 has fairly punchy bass.
i only have the tin audio T2s out of the ones you have listed, but they are not bass heavy. The quality of the lows is excellent though.
is this an uograde to tfz s2?
I have the TFZ Galaxy T1. They were really decent in sound quality, nice sound stage, great mids and highs. Lows and bass could have been better. I'm really excited to give the T2s a try. Can't go wrong with the price on these.
Are these worth it? How is the build quality?
How do these compare to the TFZ Series 4?
How do these compare to the kz as10
Nice find, I don't think saving the $10 is worth waiting a month.
Got them in today the bass comes in really nice with hip-hop.
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Thank you I appreciate the help.
How is the sound? Does it have deep punchy bass with almost neutral sound? Did u use tinaudio t2,trn v80? If yes,which one will u pick among them?
Delivered about an hour ago. Switched out the tips for the largest ones. Listening to first few tracks now. I like them so far. Male vocals (Elvis) sound really good, Lots of bass, but it doesn't over power the mids. Treble is detailed and smooth. It was well-worth. Of corse its too early for any final judgement.
Let us know how they sound post burn-in.... They sound decent for the coin!
Are these better than Samsung AKG iems?
Those sound muffled for me. The Apple Earbuds sound way better than those. Since we are discussing cheap earbuds
Samsung AKG is trash tier
What is this Graphene driver? I’ve only heard of dynamic and balanced armature. Can someone please explain to me?
It's a dynamic driver, which is to say, there's a speaker cone which is being moved back and forth by an attached magnet. The lighter the weight of the cone, the more responsive it is. The stiffer the cone, the more efficient it is. Graphene is a pretty good material in very small quantities, like the size of an IEM driver. The price plummeted over the last few years as people figured out how to make it.
Graphene could also be used to make an electrostatic driver, in which a membrane serving as the cone is charged up and vibrated between electromagnets, However, that requires a high voltage that isn't going to be a good fit inside your ears, nor will it play well with your cellphone's tiny amp.
Are they noise cancelling. I have a pair of red ZS6 and they are great but i need to replace the cord. I don’t where to buy a new cord. Pls reply
If you mean "active noise cancelling", they're not. If you mean passive noise isolation, I can't tell exactly how much they isolate. And for the ZS6 cable, you can find them real cheap on AliExpress, just search "zs6 cable", there's some nice silver cables selling for under $10.